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An Account of Curanderismo Healing

A family member and I have been doing a lot of physical labor at a property after a death in the family.

The spirits of this land are very active, and many people on facebook remarked the next day how overheated they got the day after the eclipse at night when it was cool. It was very hot in the house, even though it was cool outside in a northern climate and we had most of the windows open.

The family member was complaining of arthritis flareup in her shoulder, and it being so hot we were still awake at 2am. I heard her crying and moaning from the pain so I asked her if she was OK, she got up to my adjacent bedroom and had me fix her hair as it was so hot and she was not able to move her arms. She had put 2 ice packs on her arm and they had melted instantly.

I asked her if she wanted me to try some folk healing on her. It is not good to do spiritual work at night due to the more malevolent spirits being active. But sometimes this is done to deal with a bad spirit or do a healing if necessary. Apparently in Peru they do their San Pedro curandero ceremonies at night, and to also mimic the night blooming cactus.

She consented and I got up to get her some over the counter anti-inflammatory pills (advil-ibuprofen) as requested. She had taken 1 pill 4 hours prior, but it was not effective. I went to assemble what I needed. She was in so much pain she was unable to lay down so I had her seated on the side of the bed.

I got my Florida water, cascarilla, cotton pads, rubbing alcohol, cigar, books of prayers, and the basil cutting which had rooted in the water of my temporary consulta room with the crucifix and candle. I already had been wearing my white head wrap to bed.

Healing and Mediumship is a gift from God, and attributes of the holy spirit, the laying of hands and the work of the good spirits. Many do not like the idea of faith healing and want specific steps, explanations and recipes, when any curandero will tell you faith is the most important. However these abilities also seem to be inherited in families. Many do not like the idea of faith healing because of the televangelists. However it is only the assurity based on what we have seen as evidence, along with the personal light and ability to be a conduit. In the magnetism blog entry I posted a picture of the spiritual currents on the energy body, and I used this along with hand passes.

Many curanderos also use alternative systems of energy work, spiritual counselling, spiritual channeling, and herbal medicine not only from their culture such as acupuncture or reiki. Many are also yerberos herb workers, give spiritual massage or may be bonesetters found out in the country. Curandero at heart are healing or :sanacion" native practices throughout Latin America which became mixed with Catholicism. The leaf doctors are known as fe medicin in Haiti, who may or may not also be Houngan and Mambos or Voudousants.
                                          art by Mario Gonzalez Chavajay.

I began my session and opening prayers to set the protections and activate the energy needed. I put cotton soaked rounds with the alcohol on 3 points on her shoulder and she later said she almost fainted, that it was like a scream of pain that subsided and then went away. I put my left hand to the right shoulder to pull away ropes of energy, sensing the disruption around the area. I did the prayer of the sick, appealing to God for the curative ability needed and on behalf of the patient compassion and pity for relief. At the same time knowing that suffering may hold wisdom or purpose in one's life, it is given up to God.

The cotton is absorptive, like a cloud that holds rain or as a metaphor spiritual fluids or energy, It is often used to treat the sick in Santeria. The same cloth on an altar that holds energy, or the string in a spiritual necklace or eleke.

The alcohol is widely used in folk healing to bring down fevers and for sore joints and sprains, along with the Florida water. It is believed that illness is a result of trapped energy, or stagnation. It is also believed that illness has an energetic component, and that negative emotions can also be a cause and stored in the body. For this reason envy, evil eye or mal de ojo and witchraft is also seen to be causes, and often spiritual cleanings are commonly done such as with herbs or egg limpias.

I took the rounds off temporarily and lit the cigar. I did prayers of tobacco for purity and to dominate the spirit of arthritis and to take away pain and inflammation to the 4 winds. I blew smoke over her shoulder 3 times, the breath activated by life and oration. The breath often is used to add or remove energy. Tobacco is also used for joint inflammation and many other medical and spiritual usage.
                                 art by Manuel Pacaya

I called on the powers given to tobacco and a leaf I had taken off the basil plant that God had given them. I implored for light and elevation to these plants and to the guardians, ancestors and healing spirits of those present for their assistance. I took the basil leaf dipped in the water and crossed, tapped the leaf lightly and dragged it down her arm with orations. A conversation was taking place at a deeper level with the client, unspoken.
 I then put my right hand over the leaf laid on the shoulder to let the energy give what was needed to mend the energy body and re-balance the area. I did the prayer of the medium who heals.

I marked the shoulder all over with the cascarilla. What is that: she asked. Egg shell chalk I answered, its cooling and protective. I then marked a cross with Florida water on the area which I had prepared with holy water.

I then took the pads and let alcohol drip all over the shoulder and evaporate the heat as it quickly dried. She started to look more comfortable.
I closed the session and thanked the spirits.

I marked our bedrooms with crosses of the chalk and left the basil leaf at the bedside table. There were strange energy around as I could see a spirit standing in the darkness of the third bedroom. I opened another window for better airflow, and got her 2 new ice packs. The house was markedly cooler. She then laid down. I sprayed her bare arms and legs down with the Florida water to cool and relax her. And then she was asleep before I could even get back to my bed. And in the morning she was almost 100%  better, ready for another full day of renovation work. "You saved my bacon" she said with a smile. I told her I left my tumeric in the bathroom for her to take one capsule.

Basil is a very important plant of purity, healing and exorcism, and one I had at hand. However I could almost pick any leaf I found at any tree and had similar results.

Before I went back to bed I went to wash my hands.This is a practice in many systems so that you do not absorb too much of the patients illness by accident. As it is my left arm was very sore, and hip, as well as my fingers. I did not sleep well, and took some tumeric and other things in the morning and went back to sleep to let my body heal for the days work.

This was the first curandero session I have done.

I know a little of accupressure to treat a few things on myself and my partner mainly for nausea and migraines, relaxation and pain points, as well as have done laying of hands many times before. I always do get a very mild headache from his headache treatment which puts him to sleep. I also have a great interest in natural supplements and remedies for a variety of illness, mainly pain, mood, sleep, infections, cold & flu, autoimmune or inflammation and digestive problems, as well as natural beauty, household products and personal care. Funnily enough I do not consider myself a healer spiritually yet, even though I have worked in healthcare for over a decade. I suppose spiritual work in itself is healing to the spirit. I do enjoy getting qi-gong and reiki treatments, but I am extremely picky about who I let touch my energy body.


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Basic supplies for beginning Espiritsmo Cruzado

Hey everyone hope you are enjoying some of your summer. Some of you know I have been out of the country, but I had a request to discuss supplies and books. I decided to do a blog post because its easier to show where to also purchase these as requested and I don't have everything to show right now with me. I have added links below that you can see by moving your mouse over text.

The amount of supplies needed is very small. We are a tradition that works on prayer, faith and light and the power that is afforded by spiritual work and personal development of refining yourself morally.

First I will discuss the absolute basics.
I wrote a 5 part blog post on the basics of setting of a white table, boveda ancestral altar that can be found by typing boveda in the search bar the first entry is the why.
Important to read that series to properly setup.

The table can be set up 2 ways.
1)A boveda has ancestors, and a second tableau espiritual .......spiritual table is set for guides traditional in Cuban system.

2)OR a table can be set to ancestors and the guides can be placed around this.
Another table would be then set for saints and Lwa in Sanse if this is practiced.
Need to have
So what you need for White table was listed as the most simple set up:
white tablecloth, can use a sheet, I even seen someone use a white towel dedicated and new for this purpose. The table is new or passed down in family not second hand.

One clear glass with water and a white candle.
I buy $1 white glass novena candles from dollar tree. Also Winco and Alberstons grocery have them and other saint candles for about $1.60. I also order a pack of white emergency candles from amazon a pack of 72 shabbat candles for $11 shipped. you will need candle holder.
More water glasses can be dedicated to specific ancestors or spirit guides that you have verified.
Do not leave empty bottles and glasses on altars.

***Everything we do whether its divination or work we always have a water glass and white candle to God, and this is also done in Caribbean Vodou.

Good to also have is a bell to call them. These things can be bought anywhere and need to be cleansed first, then dedicated to God and good helping ancestors and guides only.

You will do prayers of Our father and Hail Mary among others to open or to God, but also can add to divine male and female source. You will not name specific pagan or other indigenous gods/goddesses unless they are viewed as the monotheist source..

You will need the book Allan Kardec book of selected prayers to do prayer and bibliomancy.
Its essential.
There are other better translations of this book but I still use this one, because the other books do not have the complete collection. Some of the prayers can be found online.
Psalmistry can be used and also recommended to get a book of psalms, but the whole tradition is based on the prayer book including misa the seance reunions. Currently on ebay is cheapest $6 shipped but you also can buy at botanicas online or in store.

The also basic requirement to understand the tradition is Allan Kardec book of mediums. 
Here is a free pdf.<<<<Click here

This book of mediums must be read prior to entering Espiritsmo in our temple.
Most of his books you can get a free pdf online such as the gospel according to spiritism, but the book of prayers you need a hard copy.

I shop at Botanica7Mares and Original Botanica I give both 4/5 for price and service. I have had bad experience with others sending me missing items broken items and rotten herbs. With no post purchase service. Although I will say Original Botanica does not have as much for the priest to practice African religions and is more on the metaphyscial side.

                                                                  Travelling supplies

Good to have

Metal crucifix or cross with no wood, Rosary usually white is placed on boveda

Bible, other books of prayer such as
Helping yourself with selected prayers purple volume by original publications

Your choice divination method
We do not use systems belonging to other religions like shells to the Odu and Orisha unless properly entered. You may learn from a Lucumi priest how to throw to your dead uninitiated. Anything will work for general readings besides Allan Kardec's book I recommend tarot or/and pendulum. But you can use whatever else you want such as dominoes, bone set etc.

$1 notebook from Dollar store to write prayers you collect and information from spirits do not worry about keeping nice or orderly until later.

Florida Water to cleanse and refresh yourself, clean table add to baths etc
I order from said botanica but good price on amazon pack of 12 for about $32.
I refuse to pay over $3.75-$4 a bottle. Some find them in hispanic beauty sections or stores.
You can also make your own easily with alcohol: everclear or if you have to white rum, oils or plants: roses, cinnamon stick, lavender, lemon and orange peels etc.
Hoyts cologne and 4711 is very similar but more pricey.

White rum: liquor store: veneration, activation and cleansings
Cigars: tobacco store or corner/convenience store: messages, cleansing, veneration, ashtray
White flowers: grocery store any variety: carnations or picked from garden or roadside daisys or yellow sunflowers. Petals are added to baths and serve function on boveda.

White clothing, headwrap or covering:
Can cut a pillow case or piece of satin I buy fabric on amazon $4 a yard shipped
I refuse to pay $9 and up for a mushwa. You can also use turbans, chemo caps, Large bandanas at least 22 or 27" to cover.
A white towel is a good idea for after spiritual baths, and even white pillowcase and sheets.

Chalk I buy from botanica or on amazon
You can grind up your own white eggshells for some use in baths sprinkling in corners of the room floorwashes etc....
 but the chalk form is good for protection on yourself and marking boundaries on walls and doors.
I do both and still trying to make a good chalk as well. You will need to pray over it as it is not consecrated when you buy it, and may not have been made with holy water.

Holy water
From church or a pure source that you bless yourself. Do not buy.

Reckitts squares or Mrs Stewarts liquid laundry bluing are the best brands. Used for baths, small amount its very concentrated ,color to homemade florida water. Used to make blue bowl on ground to cleanse yourself over. I made a youtube video about what else goes in this and how to use it.
Amazon has the best price. You may be able to find in regular stores in laundry section and you can use a small amount on your white fabrics to keep them bright.

Alot of the hoodoo blue ball contain toxic metals so I wouldnt suggest. Im trying not to get into the usage or why we use these things but there are spiritual significances.

Your choice scent but avoid myrhh on its own.
Many temples and even Haitian Vodou use frankinsense and myrhh together to prepare a temple area.
 I am also partial to copal or coconut.
I buy hem incense from a tobacco store for 80 cents bit more pricey on amazon,
I buy copal resin from amazon but you will need charcoal disks and a burner.
Lemon or van van would do. These are cleansing. You might want to avoid also spicy incense. Although I love dragons blood it drives good and bad spirits away. Spicy also makes things hot and we want things cool and calm. Sandal wood is good for spirituality. I do use other incenses that attract like prosperity but cleansing is very important supplies.

cd's by los nanis, oba espiritual, bajon pa' muertos are versions of songs sung in misa to the guides and dead, as well is a form of prayer. You can listen to these on youtube.

Oil: just olive oil will do, but you may also want a protection oil for anointing candles
I do use a gypsy or fortuneteller oil or madama oil for misa and doing consults. Trying to make this list basic but there are other things we use.

Spiritual waters, washes: besides florida water you can get rose and orange water at arabian stores for under $3 or make your own.

.....perhaps get some Pompeya Lotion also as it is more feminine and for higher vibration spirits, but expensive also Kanaga water due to the ylangylang. Can be made or purchased online.

I make my own bitter herb washes that I pick from around my street but important ceremony you will need leaves from a Ceiba tree which is tropical. I ordered a tree from ebay, or you can get leaves from a botanica. We mostly use fresh leaf only, but some can be dried for some applications.
Also rompe saraguay: bitter bush can be ordered or order washes. Rue is a good bitter.
Basil is an important sweet blessing herb in our tradition and in Vodou.
Some herbs can be bought from grocery if you currently have no garden: garden sage, rosemary etc
You may also want to make or buy "Chinese wash" which is essentially van van lemon based.
Good for wiping down altars but also floor washes to cut away negative and residual energy.
Hyssop also you can buy some basic budget supplies from the Magickal Cat online I always have good service.
Arabian stores, dollar stores and mexican sections, stores and bakery have cheap packaged anise stars and dried herbs.
I am partial to violet water it calms anxiety and emotions spiritually and cooling also for heart break. They use this or lavender water for baby wash at bedtime.

Other cleansing supplies like soap: pure castille soap, goats milk soap, african black shea soap, coconut soap, florida water soap is good for maintenace between spiritual baths.

Camphor squares
Used for cleansing and keeping down bad spirits
Bought on Amazon or botanicas

Salt: sea salt or himalyan
White milk: fresh from a coconut, dairy, goat, runoff from rice, nut milks. Used for white bath.
Buy as needed.

There are other things like the 9 different panuelos the spirits use and the monstrance but these are not necessary for a beginner either.

Other Books:
Some of you know I am writing a much delayed book on my Espiritismo.
I would also suggest Mesa Blanca by Freddie Gueverra if you have kindle its $4 on amazon.
He is more pure Espiritsmo or Cuban.
And Sancista Luis Blog and book is closer to my cruzado as he is Puerto-rican.
Study books on Egun and ancestor veneration.
No book will tell you 100% how or is a substitute from learning from a godparent and getting baptised in the tradition.

To be a full Espiritista you are baptised and crowned the dead or are a Palero who has developed this way. (because of the dead and protections but in Lucumi many also crown the dead first whether this is ever developed). It was recently noted by one that Many Santeros are Espiritistas but almost all Espiritstas are not Santeros........
You may need to travel if you cannot attend misa locally to develop.
This way you can SAFELY practice being mounted by spirits with other developed mediums.

With them, discover and verify some of your guides and spirits. This is traditionally done in misa, but many of us do distance readings.
To be a developed Espiritista you will be able to do misa investigations to look into and communicate with other peoples dead.
To be a full Espiritista you have to be able to host mass, misa seance for the public and be proficient in performing exorcisms, and continue developing your physical mediumship and personal development. Although we do work together and you can have your own practices for your own development, ancestors and guides.

Espiritsmo is a good foundation and introduction to Palo or Sanse but also Lucumi and really any other spiritual path for your ancestors, guides and develop mediumship and psychism to augment divination etc. Although Espiritismo is not a requirement to enter or practice any other African religion other than its component of Sanse... This is because the traditions of the dead must also be completed before entering others or this connection is weakened or lost. It is not required to do espiritsmo for Palo but is a good way to get your feet wet and get direction from your spirits to find a good spiritual house whatever tradition you find your ask them for this.
Espiritismo is not Palo and they should not be doing misa to do a life path reading or to find a nfumbe, this needs to be done the traditional Palo way, same as Lucumi you cannot tell your path or Orishas this way with tarot cards either, but it can point you in the right direction (based on your spiritual frame) to be properly confirmed in those other religions.

Beginning Espiritismo is something you can start doing now, and a good idea.
Anyone can practice by attending a boveda, or say they are a spiritualist,
but cannot call themself an Espiritsta in the cultural sense of afro-"hispanic" Spiritualism, spiritism or Espiritismo as it implies.

You can contact me on facebook: Sancista Siete Encruzhiladas

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European spiritualism of the mid 1800's to early 1900's identified closely with the scientific advancements of the time, and was being researched by scientists, and other doctors. Indeed this classical spiritualism is also called scientific spiritualism.

The science at the time was fascinated by mesmerism and hypnotism of psychology and philosophy, but also of electricity: of voice recordings, the telephone and the ability to communicate by distance. Magnetism of course also being related to electrical generation, and invisible forces whose effects can be observed.

I have blogged briefly on the responsibility of personal magnetism Some describe as influence and charisma, related to the personality such as can be seen with personal power, leadership and motivational speakers or life coaches. And some link to mental force and in terms of animal magnetism and hypnotism, but is also related to physical magnetism in terms of life force, the aura or energy body and attraction. It is related to energy and the mind in terms of the nerves and communication, a mercurial and "sexual" alluring force.

I say "sexual" because it is the union of polarity, such as a magnet and push pull and other forces. The word "sexual" was metaphoric of feminine and male polaric interaction, such as positive and negative which really does not have necessarily anything to do with gender but more mechanic in terms of  a "fitting" metaphor. Certainly sex magic could be utilized but that in a way is a more carnal, less metaphoric literalism on the surface. We are dealing with the spiritual and energetic levels.

Bear with me as many of you have a background in western ceremonial magic, however many do not, or do not know the deeper spiritual meanings behind Catholicism. You may not desire or care about the western systems when it comes to diasporic or indigenous practices,but many also use grimoires in their folk magic, and as we use Christian symbolism in Espiritismo its unavoidable. I would rather people empower people, although Christ is mainly used as a symbol of light, truth also being light, union of mankind but also spirit and man, as a healer, prophet, an example of love to aspire to, and as a spirit of elevation and assistance to many.
To explain loosely the hemispheres of the brain is polarity of the emotional subconscious of the moon and the logical conscious of the sun. As I have blogged before, the union and mastery of both is required to acquire a higher spiritual authority and as such of the elements and 4 directions over the mundane world. As the alchemical process of activated spiritual and physical worlds and inner self together is the symbolism of the monstrance and the sacrament of the Eucharist (the bread wafer held over the wine goblet both transform to the body and blood of Christ during mass).
The grapes and golden wheat both as agricultural symbols of cultivation and renewal by the sun.......
These forces then can be better manipulated for any number or spiritual or "magickal" purposes.
                                         Palo 4 winds pot and patipemba by FolkCuba
I show this purposefully to note the energetic difference of the positive/projective/male 1 and negative or 0/nothing/receptive/female currents.

 This symbol, which has some commonality with the Mpungo Lucero Mundo Firma:
Lucero travels the 4 corners of the earth, and can be sycretized with spirits such as Ellegua, Eshu or Papa Legba. Legba in Vodoun is a phallic travelling messanger spirit like Hermes, who still retains his staff in the diaspora. Lucero is seen as a meteor or shooting star, the lightening flash spark of ashe and promethean intelligence of the bringer of light and liberty. For Quimbana Exu, they are spirits tasked with elevation, of themelf, the  devotee and with the dead, Wheras the Yoruban Ellegua offers assistance or redeeming path partly through Ebbo, prescribed offerings or sacrifice (to make sacred) and communication with higher spirits, and the Orisha Olofi is Olodumare God's incarnation. In Lucumi one way to gain ashe life force is to serve the Orisha. Esu provides challenges and lessons for progress. All are of the cross-roads.

This is the flaming sword and serpent on the tree or cross within each human in the western sense. The cross is the 4 directions, greek winds as well as the cube of material world that unfolds into a cross, the tesseract. This is the light or energy solidified, the formed cross of earth, but there is the cross of the sun, and the highest northern star. The triple cross of realms seen in the crucifix of kongo, russian orthodox byzantine and mount calvary with the skull at the base being earth.
                                                            art by russell knightely
In terms of blood, the life force is circulated by the heart, and energy work traditions work on circulating the bodies energy field to avoid stagnation. Even in western magick, there is the circulation of the body of light seen as the bodies energetic fountain, done after the qaballistic cross which mirrors the Our Father Prayer, banishing pentagram to clear the astral-mental influences,and middle pillar energetic spine exercises, which link us to the inner and outer universe, and for energetic purposes.
The energy circulation or flow is known in many traditions such as the microcosmic orbit energy exercises, in qi-gong and the acupuncture meridians.

Lords prayer IS the qaballistic cross:
Are in heaven....on earth (up down northstar to the world) Give us: compassion jupiter, expansion bread.....forgive us: justice, mars, in the middle the sun joining hands: Amen (Amun-Ra)
Man is both a pentagram, a 5 pointed star, having 4 limbs and a head, as well as the cross, with the 5th element being spirit. We are Jesus as 4 elements and shin spirit-fire within the YHVH Yaweh or Yahoo became Yeshuah..YHVSH Jesus.....yod-fire heh-water vau-air shin-spirit heh-earth. The female aspect is a double heh for water and earth. These are not simple mysteries.
Uranus-spirit white, mars-fire red, jupiter-water blue, moon-air purple, earth below-4 elements muddled colors receive all above.
Each sphere has a number and minor arcana and many correspondances, the paths are the major arcana of the tarot.
The hebrew letter for the yellow solar sphere is Vau: nail which connects our spiritual and physical body as Christ on the cross, connection or message upon a door of light. This middle hermetic path is of earth the sun moon and stars.
Other like entities of the sun are: Ra, Balder, a form of Vishnu, Apollo, Adonis, Dionysus, Bacchus, Iacchus.
This is also the secret of the red cross and rosy cross of Tipareth.

Magnetism, describes the toric energy body and expanse the sphere and field of influence of the aura and antennae. The energy body can be seen as a machine or vehicle of counter rotational circular as the vesica pisces....or hexagramic parts like the merkaba soul parts or biblical Ezekials chariot (wheels within wheels). When a layer of "dirt" accumulated energy and forces which have not been mitigated occurs, these parts do not work as well which can then create energetic disturbances such as sleep paralysis, susceptibility to negative forces and spirits, and manifest as mental and physical disease. Such then is spiritual cleansing so very important to be done in regularity. Soul flight or the dream body as well as wings, feathers and birds are all symbols of spirit communication such as the holy spirit. But we need the energy to fuel these acts and receptivity..... to light the way.
Just as in a water cup there are spiritual fluids, so is your energy body made of spiritual fluids which comes from the universal fluids. We call this cup in Spanish: fuente a fountain, and through this field mediums will react to spirits of the deceased and incarnated peoples spiritual fluids positive and negative "vibes", vibrations and information/communications. This is also the activating metal crucifix in the water cup. Water is a substance that conducts and retains energy memory easily. Water can be used in so many ways, such as magnetizing or charging water with "seals" or intention and drinking it, this is why you should be aware of your emotional state of mind and thoughts when drinking especially, but it does affect our spiritual fluids too. This is why different waters have different properties such as the ocean, swamp or river, the same as locales of dirts that retain energy.

As fountains circulate water, so are spiritual fluids currents: corrientes and seen as air bubbles in the water cup as energy and spirits. The dead are seen in the wind that circulate around and at the root of the world tree. The mediums energy body or tree is surrounded by spiritual fluids which the spirits can use, and some mediums especially women are portals.
The link is solar, the sun. For which is the center of the universe, radiating energy, and of life. Of which in qaballah is "harmony" as well as vibrational sounding and union of these opposing polarities. I repeat harmony also in terms of songs calling the spirit. The word Mambo actually means song and has links to places in the Congo: Mambosa, Yambosa and the word water:mamba and as spiritual mother. The priest name is similar for sound or singer for Houn in the Hounto drum and male priests: Houngan, Hounnon and song leaders H/oungenikon. We should sing and pray out loud with our hearts using our will and lungs. In some cultures the drum is the instrument of earth yet fire, others say it is as a heartbeat. For this reason also the sound of a bell, and our sacred rattles is used to call spirits.

Each of these planetary realms are said to have a spiritual world equivalent, and has its own spiritual entities therein. The sun is an elevated energy, and connecting central area to the other planets as a wheel hub, as seen by the heart and solar plexus of air/breath and fire/blood light in the human body and electrical activity. The sun is electro-magnetic, as rotational forces and polarity make an electrical field. Energy is harvested from the sun, the wind or water dam by rotating a wheel or fan, or like a car engine explosion to push a rod which turns.

The sun is magnetic like the earth has poles (star within), it is made of firey fluids. the sun is associated with the air element in qaballah. Why is this important: because of the solar logos or the word. Speech, out loud prayer is of our voice, air and the magnetic activating force to our work and altars. This ashe, force is emanated from our mouth as well as hands and other areas. I have spoken before how Jesus (light of the world) and the Lwa Gran Solier "grand sun" are solar entities, as well as solar magicians and heroes like Sol-omon, Samson with the lion pelt between the two "pillars"(leo ruled by the sun, the face the ego-personality and spine) and Hercules.
Oreen, Oreen, Oreen....
Radiar la luz hermanos mios, radiar la luz del salvador.....La fe, la paz, la union
Misa song: pray, pray, pray.....
radiate the light my brother, the light of the savior, the faith, the peace, the union
Espiritismo hand passes use magnetism
For hand passes this is what we are doing in Espiritismo, we are sweeping and picking up energy to cleanse our aura. We also do healing hand passes for mediums who heal, a laying of hands and energetic balancing re-magnetism and healing. Mediums who heal or lend their body "la materia" their material often to other spirits can become demagnetized, and require intervention of another.
The same hand or side of the body is intervened with the patient to properly add the needed "spiritual fluids". See the diagrams below taken from the book drum and candle:

                                   A sick energy body, healthy would be ovoid, blue and white.
To magnetize
One remedy to re-magnetize the spiritual fluids around our body is to place a magnet into a water glass and charge it in the sun. It is then with your prayers and white, gold or yellow candle, poured over your body and not rinsed off. Some people place a cleansed quartz crystal or gold within the cup. In one version I seen the gemstone citrine used. This is usually done for 7 days to permeate all your levels. It is great when you feel low energy. I knew of this method before entering spiritualism, but was delighted to see people using this. To my recollection they also swept their body with red, yellow and blue flowers (carnations), one color each day before each magnet bath to additionally strengthen the aura and had the corresponding candle color each day for 3 days to cleanse and energate spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
The three colors are primary colors off white source, as well as the balanced colors of mars, jupiter and the sun. The three elements besides earth: of water, fire and air and the higher realms. Also the flag colors of Venezuela for which this practitioner is in Maria Lionza spiritsm tradition: Deadman Baez.
It is also the colors of the magnet poles and the sun.

To rid yourself of dark, unwanted negative spirits
shared by Raymond Krmaschek III
 Recently I also came across an interesting social media post. This is done to strengthen also the energy body, for protection and the removal of negative fluids if one feels they have negative spirit attachments. Firstly let me caution you that you must be careful with using salt, as this can also sap energy of, and ward off your good or helpful spirits who are at a lower level of elevation. Hopefully you have elevated them ( the good helpful ones empowered only) to the point that salt does not affect them as much. You can also speak to them to instruct them of what you are about to do. I avoid salt as a spiritualist, unless I felt a very bad infestation that needed it. That being said the elements used are magnetic, having both qualities of being charged negative and positive according to the periodic table of elements. (Haha high school chemistry class). There are ingredients which have both or either attributes to create an electrical charge and are attractants or repellents, as well as to charge a metal object with its currents. As one person put it, its is like the creation of an electrical fence.
(Did you know of the lemon battery...commercial batteries have acid)....
You will need a tub to bathe in and a way to rinse yourself off afterward...
You will need 1 orange,1 lemon,1 half cup of salt,and one white candle.
 You must have is something made of copper(pure),or iron(pure)...try and buy a copper ring or necklace or the same for iron....this will be your protection afterward. 

Run a hot bath,add the salt...then cut up the orange and the lemon and squeeze the juices into the bath...then put in the copper or iron and mix the tub good....
You can begin your prayers as you run the water and add the items.
Enter the bath and stay as long as you can...make sure to cover your entire body with the mixture ....if you have spirits they will leave and be drawn to the flame to be changed to heat and light....some have experienced this by seeing the flickering of the flame with no wind or drafts....when you are finished you need to rinse yourself off because of the salt on you...take the copper or the iron and keep it with you for your protection....simple but must be done properly.
Put on light color clean clothes after.

Further analysis:
Copper is an excellent conductor, but I am not sure how important the metal selection or purity is. Someone suggested Nickel and I am sure that would work as well. All metals have a positive polarity.
Gold is expensive, and of sunlight but would work well, or silver of the moon and waters.
Lemon is acidic and has a negative polarity and cutting or removing spiritual property.
As a generalization:
Copper is an attracting metal, such as the Venusian metal of Oshun, Cachita Tumbo or Anaisa etc along with the orange. Sometimes you can attract what you do not want.
Whereas choosing Iron is more a Mars metal of Ogun and more of a severing, cutting or warding property. Many spirits do not like Iron. I would not use a railroad spike for this because they are coated with creosote which is cancerous. Interestingly Thelema has the metal of the sun sphere Tipareth listed as Iron, whereas I thought it of Mars, and the metal of the sun as Gold.
Whether you use salt: sodium chloride or Epsom salt magnesium citrate, they both are +/-

Jewelry must be cleansed often as it retains and collects spiritual forces and energy from your environments, its own properties of crystals or gemstones, metals etc and other people. For this reason we also tend not to wear jewelry when doing spiritual work because it can influence or color the work. Likewise spiritual jewelry can be ritually consecrated, but must be refreshed from time to time, such as using by coconut water. Elekes, Palo chain etc are still not worn during misa. Some people still will wear a crucifix or saint medal, but others find any metal on their person makes it harder to pass spirits. If the jewelry breaks it caught something negative, if outside leave it where it falls or if found do not touch it. If inside sweep it into the garbage using a dustpan, do not pick it up with your hands, and contact your godparents.

                                                                      Sancista Siete Encruzhiladas

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Cantos para misa espirituale, songs for spirit guides, the dead and misa part 3 continued: gypsy

Of course I sing these songs in spanish, but they are translated for the purpose of knowing what you sing, and for those to learn spanish. I thank Valeria Di Giammarino who translated and transcribed this song through a friend Dave Raven. The one part in brackets ( vine hasta) is my own addition which may be incorrect:

Gitana Mia: My Gypsy by Oba Ire

Gitana gitana, Gitana mía Gitana (x3) bella Gitana (x3) mía, Esperanza, hoy yo te vengo a saludar
........ Saludo en ti las fuerzas de las estrellas, Saludo en ti las riquezas e lo profundo del mar En su música está la gracia de la danza de una luna llena Tu sonrisa brilla más que el sol en primavera (Chorus) Gitana mía Ayúdanos a merecer esta felicidad Gitana mía ilumína mis caminos para yo poder llegar Gitana mía esta oración no tiene fin Cuando una gitana reza, Dios se pone a cantar (Chorus) Es la gitana que llega para bendecir al pueblo Es la gitana que llega abriendo nuestros caminos Es la gitana que llega para defender nuestra libertad Esperanza, hoy yo te vengo a saludar (Chorus) Gitana mía gitana bella Yo te vengo a saludar Mi mente está libre para soñar Yo te vengo a saludar Hoy (vine hasta) está plegaria Yo te vengo a saludar Te lo pido yo del alma Yo te vengo a saludar Hoy te llamo a trabajar Yo te vengo a saludar Esperanza hoy yo te vengo a saludar

Gypsy Gypsy Gypsy of mine, gypsy gypsy beautiful gypsy, gypsy gypsy gypsy of mine, confidence/hope, today i'm coming to greet you. I greet you with the strength of the stars, i greet you with the wealth and the depth of the sea, in your music there is the grace of the dance of a full moon, your smile shines more than the sun in spring (Chorus) My gypsy, help us to deserve/ be worthy of this happiness, my gypsy light up my roads to make me arrive, my gypsy this prayer doesn't have an end, when a gypsy prays God starts to sing (Chorus)
It's the Gypsy coming to bless the people, it's the gypsy coming to open our roads, it's the gypsy coming to protect/ defend our liberty/ freedom, confidence today I'm coming to great you (Chorus)
my gypsy, beautiful gypsy, i'm coming to greet you, my mind is free to dream, i'm coming to greet you, today (I came to pray), i'm coming to greet you, I'm asking you from the depth of my soul, i'm coming to greet you, today i call you to work, i'm coming to greet you, confidence today i'm coming to greet you
Some very gypsy songs I love are by Blackmore's night, although not traditional misa songs:
Fire's at midnight:
Also under a violet moon, shadow of the moon, sister gypsy, ocean gypsy, wish you were here, ghost of a rose, locked within a crystal ball etc also certain violin and spanish guitar music.

Sancista 7 Crossroads

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Cantos para misa espirituale, learning songs for spirit guides, the dead and misa part 3

La Gitana: The gypsy
Hermana Rita gitana mia hermana Rita dame bondad llevame a tu santurio
a buscar la caridad
Deidad de amplias luces son tus cartas prodigiosas ahi tu lees los misterios para dar luz y progreso cinco flores yo te dedico cinco flores de humildad buscando que tu me brindes esperanza y caridad GITANA gitana pura gitana gitana inmensa librame de inquietudes librame de los lamentos Gitana de mis amores bendiceme ay gitana gitanita bendiceme bis pero gitana de mis amores bendiceme ole con ole gitana ole con ole olee ole con ole chiquilla ole con ole y ole ole con ole gitana ole con ole y ole OLE Gitana de mis amores bendiceme ay gitana gitanita bendiceme Hermana rita gitana mia bendiceme

Sister Rita, my gypsy
Sister Rita, give me goodness
Take me to your sanctuary
To seek charity
Deity of ample lights
They are your prodigious letters
There you read the mysteries
To give light and progress

Five flowers, I dedicate you
Five flowers of humility
Looking for you to give me
Hope and charity

Pure gypsy gypsy
Immense gypsy gypsy
Free of worries
Liberate of lamentations

Gypsy of my loves, bless me
Ay gypsy little gypsy bless me

But gypsy of my loves, bless me

Ole with ole and
Ole with ole olee

Ole with ole child
Ole with ole and ole
Ole with olea and
Ole with ole and ole OLE

Gypsy of my loves, bless me
Ay gypsy little gypsy bless me
Sister Rita my gypsy bless me
Sancista 7 Crossroads

Monday, May 22, 2017

Cantos para misa espirituale, learning songs for spirit guides, the dead and misa part 2

These are some of many for the Indian and Congo spirits
They are used to salute, work and call with the guides

Chorus for a congo guide:
This simple chorus is for a congo spirit guide
1:34 of Los Nani espiritstas a cantar starts with the egun song for the dead detailed in part 1 blogpost

"Congo conguito congo de verdad
Hay me congo congito congo de verdad
Si tu baja a la tierra a hacer caridad
Congo conguito congo de verdad
 baja a la tierra a hacer caridad"

congo little congo congo of truth
come to the earth to do charity

The misa songs get remixed or into one depending on artist or performer popular artists

Cancion a los Congos: congo de guinea soy
Congo de guinea soy                                I am Congo of Guinea
"la buena noche" criollo                            (I say) "Good evening" creole

Yo deja mis huesos alla                             Question: Where are you going with those bones?
yo venga a hacer caridad                            Answer: I am going to do charity

Congo conguito congo de verdad yo te llamo a la tierra a hacer caridad: chorus repeat

Yo te llamo y te llamo                                I call you and I call you
en el nombre de dios                                   In the name of God
yo te llamo a la tierra a hacer caridad            I call you to the earth to do charity

My translations are as one not completely proficient in Spanish, besides using spanish resources you can better translate please comment or send me a message

Congo mio
Congo mio ven de lo' monte… yo te llamo a' laborar. Cuando venga' ven despacio. paso a paso a trabajar.
Yo te llamo y t respondes. yo te llamo de verdad. yo te llamo con tu embele yo te llamo pa jugar. yo te veo en la malesa…trabajando material. con tu cazuela de barro y tu empaca pa' mirar. tu te llamas como quieras… tu nombre no quieres dar. lo que quiero congo mio. no nos dejes de ayudar…. lo que quiero congo mio, no nos dejes de ayudar… Congo. ven congo a trabajar,. congo mio sal del monte vamo' a jugar. (coro) Congo. ven congo a trabajar… Que… como quiera yo te llamo pa' laborar. (coro) Congo. ven congo a trabajar…. Que… estoy buscando un congo bueno pa' laborar. (coro) Congo. ven congo a trabajar… Awiri wiri… yo ando buscando que pueda mas que yo. (coro) Awiri, wiri, wiri… yo ando buscando un congo que pueda mas que yo. Ehhh yo ando buscando uno yo ando buscando dos... ando buscando un congo que pueda mas que yo. (coro) Awiri wiri… yo ando buscando un congo que pueda mas que yo. Ehhh yo busco a Ta' Jose . ehhh yo ando buscando un congo que pueda mas que yo. (coro) Awiri wiri… yo ando buscando un congo que pueda mas que yo.

My congo come from the forest ... I call you to' labor.
When you come, 'come slowly.
Step by step to work.

I call you and you do not answer.
I really call you.
I'll call you with your machete and I'll call you to play.
I see you in the mess ... working material.
With your pot of clay and your packaging to look.
You name it as you want ... your name you do not want to give.
What I want, my congo.
Do not stop us from helping ....
What I want, my congo, do not stop us from helping ...
Come to congo to work
Congo mio salt of earth come 'to play.
(Choir) Congo.
Come to congo to work
That ... I want to call you to work.
(Choir) Congo.
Come to congo to work
That ... I'm looking for a good congo to work.
(Choir) Congo.
Come to congo to work
Awiri wiri ... I'm looking for more than I can.
(Chorus) Awiri, wiri, wiri ... I'm looking for a congo that can more than me.
Ehhh I'm looking for one I'm looking for two ...
I'm looking for a congo that can do more than I can.
(Chorus) Awiri wiri ... I'm looking for a congo that can more than me.
Ehhh I look for Ta '
Joseph .
Ehhh I'm looking for a congo that can more than me.
(Chorus) Awiri wiri ... I'm looking for a congo that can more than me.

Commision Indio for the Indian spirits

Comision India Divinia, yo te llamo laborar          commision indians I call you to work
     vide      ton        misercordia                               give your mercy
Misercordia en el nombre de Dios                             mercy in the name of God

estoy yo mando a siete indios                                       I am sending now 7 Indians
siete indio la mission                                                   7 Indians the mission
vide      te        misercordia                                         give your mercy
misercordia de la caridad                                            Mercy of charity

Indio Rojo Indio Carib                                              Red Indian Caribbean Indian
Indio Rojo Indio Carib                                                In the name of God
 en el nombre de dios

Si                                                                                 Yes
Indio Rojo Indio Carib                                              Red Indian Caribbean Indian
Indio Rojo Indio Carib                                              Of Charity
de la caridad

Commision   Commission                                             Commission Commission
Ya mando a siete indios a la mission x2                      Send now 7 Indians to the mission

Porque                                                                          Why
La Commision India Divina                                       The Comission of divine Indians
Ya mando a siete Indio la mission                               Send now 7 Indians for the mission
Commision   Commission                                            commision comision
Ya mando a siete India la mission                                     Send now 7 Indians to the mission

Oh Yo saludando a todos los indios                               Oh  I salute all the Indians
Ya mando a siete Indio la mission
Commision   Commission 
Ya mande siete Indio la mission     

 Indio Cachique                                                              Indian chief
Ya mando a siete Indio la mission   

La commision India divina
Ya mando a siete Indio la mission     

Eh yo ma cuenda tomo rojo                                               Eh I take my red road
Ya mando a siete Indio la mission     

Indio rojo Indio Cachique                                                  Red Indian Indian Chief
  Ya mando a siete Indio la mission     

Los Indios

indio bueno indio bravo donde vas con esa cruz, voy al monte delcalvario a entregarsela a jesus. indio bueno bravo donde tu vas con esa cruz, voy al monte del calvario a entregarsela a jesus.
hayyy pero indio, indio de mi vida, indio de mi corazoon... si no vienes a buscarme perdere todo tu amor
que bonitos son los indios que vienen a laborar siete columnas de indios van diciendo gestioman
ehhhh que bonitos son los indios, ay que vienen a laborar siete columnas de indios van diciento gestioman
ehhhh gestioman, gestioman, gestioman, ah gestioman. siete columnas de indios van diciendo gestioman
ehhh los indios, los indios, los indios vienen y van diviendo gestioman
ehhh los indios vienen los indios van los indios vienen y van diciendo gestioman
los indios oh dios los indios vienen y van diciendo gestioman

Good Indian brave Indian where you go with that cross, I go to monte del calvario to deliver it to jesus. Indian bravo where you go with that cross, I go to the mountain of Calvary to give it to Jesus.
Hayyy but Indian, Indian of my life, Indian of my heart ... if you do not come to find me I will lose all your love
How beautiful are the Indians who come to work seven columns of Indians go saying gestioman
Ehhhh how beautiful are the Indians, woe that come to work seven columns of Indians van diciento gestioman
Ehhhh gestioman, gestioman, gestioman, ah gestioman. Seven columns of Indians are saying gestioman
Ehhh the Indians, the Indians, the Indians come and go gestioman
Ehhh the Indians come the indians go the indians come and go saying gestioman
The Indians oh god the Indians come and go saying gestioman
Song for the priests, monks and nuns
Also good at open  of songs of misa, along with San Hilarion, potencia divina, sea el santismo etc

Oh del cielo bajado la madre de Dios      From the sky lowers the mother of god
cantemos un Ave a su proteccion            sing an Ave to your protection
Ave ave ave Maria x2                             dove/turn turn turn Maria

Oh Maria madre mia oh consuelo celestial       Oh Maria my mother oh spiritual comfort
ampardnos y guidanos a la patria celestial         guard and protect us to the celestial homeland

Ave ave ave Maria x2

Viva Maria Viva Jose                                     Maria lives Joseph lives
viva estra obra espiritual                                    The spiritual work lives
pues Maria conceibida del pecado original           For Maria conceived the original sin

Si en cielo tres estrellas illuminan la verdad         In the sky 3 stars illuminates the truth    
es la fe es la esperanza y la hermana caridad        It is the Faith the Hope and her sister the Charity

Se van los seres: the spirits depart at the end of misa

se van los seres x3                      the spirits go
se van los seres hacia otra mansion      they depart to another house
gracias les damos x3                      thanks we give                    
al Divino Senor                            to the divine sir
gracias gracias gracias                    thankyou thankyou thankyou
les damos al Divino Senor                 we give to the divine sir

Then is sometimes stated not sung if not done at the ending reunion prayer or at a Bembe drumming for the dead aso called a cajon for the box drum:
con Dios comenzamos                    With God we begin and with God we end and with God
y con dios terminamos                    thanks we give. Amen.
Y a Dios las gracias le damos