Friday, May 18, 2018

Folk magic uses of Green Pepper

Many know and use hot or red chiles in their workings. However one day a couple years ago a product caught my eye at a mexican botanica store, a Green Pepper Novena Candle. Peppers are called pimente or pimenta in spanish and closely in other languages, but they are not all spicy. An Anaheim, Ancho, or Poblano variety, are less spicy.

Hot pepper more aggressive, commanding and protective and add hasten or to quicken a spell, but can cause explosive relations: too much passion or quarrel, burning akin to needles or a thorn. As I have seen them added to love spells cinnamon might also be a better option as peppers are bitter, acidic fruit.

Peppers are part of the nightshade family of plants like potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and the deadly often poisonous belladona herb. People used to beleive tomato was poisonous, and potato if green or gone bad can kill people.

Green or Red Bell peppers can be used in Desire work for love as they are sweet. Usually a persons object of affection or partners photo are placed between the two cut halves, then fixed shut. The vegetable is used as a spell container or jar.

I have on good authority in the area of southern Texas to Mexico they are fixed with chile, cinnamon, ant hill dirt, and honey to make them think of you. Then wax is used to seal them shut of the desired color.

Peppers cleanse and absorb negativity, undo jinx, used against evil, evil eye, witchcraft or spells.

I have also seen a green pepper floorwash or they can be placed at the doorstep to cleanse and maintain the home or business. To make your own you can boil a few sweet peppers, and then blend them or with a hand mixer diluted with the water, then strain.

I have also seen a green pepper bath!
Hot peppers are usually passed over the body as a more agressive form of cleansing in many native traditions.
They can be burnt in a mixture to dispel evil along with other herbs.
Of course other preperations such as oils, herb mixes in mojos are used.

I seen a lamp to the Lwa Dantor with sweet red pepper for love, money, to break obstacles. Giving her pork or hot peppers will make her "hotter" and more dangerous to work with, especially for the untrained or unassociated.
For bell or sweet peppers color is important, I seen green and red peppers floating in a lamp for her. Green is close to blue in spectrum. Some also use yellow, I assume this lamp was to sweeten the Lwa or was for love or green some use as a color intended for money. I have seen colored powders used for her veve in Haitian Vodou with blue yellow red and green colors.


Monday, May 7, 2018

Products for Sale!

I will update my facebook, blog and store as stock is available.
I did my first market, a witches market the end of April 2018. I have a women's charity function to vend and do readings end of May as well as another market and in June, so I will be crafting alot of products. I have oils, powders, baths and assorted items. If you are looking for anything message me and I can make it! Its no problem because the excess I will sell at my store or market days.
All my products are 100% traditional, 90-100% natural except where some perfume like florida water etc is used in bath and prices kept low as possible as I am active currently in Canada and the more exotic supplies are expensive here than USA but the handcrafted items are very reasonable. You must pay shipping but I can work a deal if several items are ordered. I can also wholesale or do bulk orders.

Here is what I have currently left in stock:
Love or money rice $10 jar kit, bag $8: Use as floor sweep, sprinkle on altars, use in candle jar or around candle lights
Love bath salt $7: combination of Himalayan and Epsom salt, all natural herbs and essential oils

Love Sweetening Domination Calming jar $10: Can be used to make a person or relationship kinder and sweeter but also to calm a person such as a boss or friend.

Shut up! Against gossip tapa boca jar $15: stops wagging tongues, lies and gossip between neighbors, frenemies, coworkers etc

Assorted jar"spells" $15
Put personal concerns or items, commands within and sake and visualize what you want, place candle on top for odd number of days or until manifestation.

Clarity to see a situation clearer
To increase love or passion
for finances, money, prosperity
Sour jar against enemies for justice or against abuse or harrassment only, get someone fired or seperation work but must consult first: consultation fee $20
Fixed Honey jar $20 larger jar $30

Lwa food $5: used as offering at their place in nature and on altars

13 bitter herb mix $10 or $5 sample: use for bath tea or poured neck down and brew for floor wash for uncrossing, remove negative energy and attachments. Contains rompe zaraguay, and other traditional herbs.

Road opening, Legba powder $8: for finance, communication and new opportunity anything your heart desires to increase possibility: Contains tradition Abre Camino herb to blow to the 4 winds, at the crossroad or sprinkle behind front door of home or business, can also dress candles.

Exorcism powder $8: Contains herbs and powder that packs a punch, blow to the 4 corners of a place or put in corners of a room, carry in a mojo, dress a candle etc. Contains pine, rompe zaraguay, pirul and other herbs & minerals to discourage entities.

Against Evil eye oil $10: anoint evil eye amulets, jewelry etc, use on yourself against negative looks and energy people send day to day, or among coworkers etc

Reversal oil $7: use on your reversal candles, jars or work to end situations in your life or send negative energy back where it came from
Reversal jar kit $25 with candle

Court case, justice, stop evil oil $10

Love or Quick money oil $10 10ml

Ghede money lamp oil $30: concentrated, add to other oil for lamps can be used on candles, remember to give your offering. Only 2 left
Dantor lamp oil $30: concentrated, dilute yourself, also can be used on candles, remember to give your offering. Only 2 left & limited offer. Contains Zo Devan.
Beli Belcan lamp oil $70: court cases, justice, protection. Comes with saint amulet and thunderstone, has been charged on divisional altar for a lengthy amount of time.

Legba Candle, dressed $15
I can dress other candles to your needs or Lwa for offering $25
Candle light service $20

Conventional Candles:
Aromatic longer lasting premade novena $15 Come to me or Chupparosa to attract anything you want in life or for love

Yemaya novena $15

8oz Rose Spiritual water: $15
7.5 oz Florida water: $12

Spiritual kit: square reckitts blue, 3 camphor, cascarilla $6, order more, bigger discount
blockbuster powder: $10 & $15 sizes against obstacles
botswana agate bracelet $12 general protection and against dark spirits
Ancestral, spirit court necklace to the dead $121 gem chips

Liquid Baths & Floorwash $20 each
Haitian Blue floorwash & bath 
Haitian hounfor and home wash

The following are concentrated and added to water:
Ancestor, psychic, calm White bath
Clarity bath
Get clients, love and money

Lwa bath:
Metrisili $70 as she demands if you want bath charged/empowered add +$30 each bath
Dantor $60
La Siren, La Diosa del Mar $50
Anaisa $50
And others availiable please message


Friday, May 4, 2018

Lineages of Sanse

There are many lineages of Vodou such as "Haitian": Asogwe lineage
and other lineages in Haiti and the Dominican Republic such as 21 Divisiones and family groups.
There is also New Orleans or Louisiana Voodoo and West African Vodoun from which the lineages in the new world originate and arrived from via the slavery diaspora.

Little known is Sanse a Vodou lineage through Puerto Rico which is more spiritualist and deals more with the dead in its approach. Within the other listed traditions there are also differences in how things are performed and this is not because there is no unity of thought rather that the way that things are done have some similarity and an underlying reason for choices that went into the way these lineages were perserved. For example I have learned from some people in "Dominican" Vodou 21 divisiones that their practice is baptismal and more saint based in their approach than others in the same umbrella tradition. Those familiar with these traditions know some things never change and others can be done correctly in different ways that make sense. Most of these traditions are family based, while others are a mixture of family and temple in organization. There are Lwa that are more concerned with individuals and others with community and family groups so that there are going to be differences in spirits served from one region or locale to another, which also influences focus and way the group operates.

When it comes to Sanse we also see ourself as organized by lineages of spirit groups. Our house has pantheon 7 chiefs, whereas others have 21 divisions of families of Lwa or chiefs that oversee a group of Loases. Within the 7 chief lineage the 7 chiefs served can again vary from one house to the next for example.

Ours is Candelo, Tindjo Alawe, Ghede Limbo, Metresili, Ogun Balendjo, Beli Belcan and Legba.
They all have spirits under them. Wheras other houses may have different Ghede jefe chief or Lwa Anaisa or Marta the Dominator instead of Metresili to head the female spirits in general. Gran Solier is generally viewed as head of them all the chief of chiefs.

The candidate entering Sanse would receive these 7 by lineage and also any Lwa insistent within their spiritual frame. Other Lwa can be received at a future date. Some choose to only baptise if they do not intend to or serve as a horse for the spirits to come in preliminary ceremonies to connect them with their own court of spirits. This is partly where the idea of the 7 african powers came from, mistakenly taken to mean the Orishas
example from Sancista Brujo Luis
21 jefe:

Sanse includes the spiritualist tradition of Espiritismo, some are cruzado with african elements and some indigenous elements, whereas others are more classic, minimalistic or european spiritist in their tradition. Usually within Sanse there is the coronation of the or crowning of the dead. Some such as our house and the influence and houses of Ocha/Santeria it is a joining of the consciousness with a main spirit guide with a baptism ceremony, somewhat like the Lwa when Vodou spirit points are received after a lave tet headwashing. Others see it as recognizing your spiritual frame and having a spiritual party.

As described many houses of family Vodou and lineages are baptismal in their entrance rites only. And that also lends to the perceptions about Sanse being a family baptismal tradition, with some minimalist in their spiritualism. This can lead to misunderstandings about others practices and more ritualistic traditions. Where mixes of people came together, the type of influences recieved in the mix varied a bit, as some retained a more Vodou current from the island of Hispaniola (Haiti and the Dominican Republic) in working with and serving the Lwa... whereas other focus these spirits as soley representatives, the dead emissaroes or messanger dead of the Loases and Orishas. We certainly work the Lwa but recognize the influence of messangers and primarily are spiritualist in our group in dealing alot with the dead and due to our shared congo influences.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Weather witch: the rain maker

This blogpost is to chronicle work done during August 2017 and the ability to manipulate the weather.

I put 5 river rocks that were taken with offering to put in this cherry tree that produced alot this summer. This is part of a Taino Caribbean Indio way to make rain. We are having one of the most dry and most wildfires here in the PNW in history. The smoke and air quality is very bad in some areas. 

I sang to my Lwa Legba, Metrisili, Cachita Tumbo, Papa Sobo y Bade and Tindjo Alawe while harvesting peas for hours in the evening and my main 2 spirit guides on Sunday. I sang a song my spirits told me for rain. Thank you to my brothers and sister and native tribes doing drumming in western Canada, those who have prayed & assisted. I cannot take credit but I know they have helped us, and thankful to the Lwa & mercy of Bondye, I felt drops of rain when there should be none a few nights ago. There was no forecast for rain, now there is rain coming about 5 days to the day after I did ceremony, and they increased the forecast to rain all weekend for my birthday. My Lwa I am assured! Ayibobo!
Cheeehooo its raining! our water was almost out I am on well and duck pond pump and rain barrels right now on this property. Did my rain dance song 24 hours ago. I am going to sing it again!
And I always get headache before it rains. And its the thunder full
moon just put my pot out to catch some! 
 look at the change in temperature too 
Vancouver Island 29-32 degree Celsius down to 16!

Precipitation: 0%
Humidity: 77%
Wind: 6 km/h

Mostly Sunny
Scattered Showers
Partly Cloudy

Guess I owe Cachita Tumbo some yellow flowers and cigar to the river, My mother here is shocked haha, but she is a believer in curandero's too.I am not sure if this is a new inherited or latent now developed minor ability, I have only noted my connection to wind before. Perhaps due to my court or my Leo sun and Jupiterian Sag moon energies.

When I was in Florida and walked to the botanica it was blistering summer: hot and clear. I was with my younger godbrother and began to sing for rain. He was in disbelief, until there were blessed welcoming cool rain drops...until we made it to be picked up by our godfather and godmother.

Recently I have had to walk to work in the mountainous western area of the USA and it rains late winter and spring. I asked my spirits several times to hold off the rain until I could make it to work, and miraculously the weather obliged each time, with a few sprinkles only the one time!

As to the relation between the offices of chief and rain-maker in South Africa a well-informed writer observes: “In very old days the chief was the great Rain-maker of the tribe. Some chiefs allowed no one else to compete with them, lest a successful Rain-maker should be chosen as chief. There was also another reason: the Rain-maker was sure to become a rich man if he gained a great reputation, and it would manifestly never do for the chief to allow any one to be too rich. The Rain-maker exerts tremendous control over the people, and so it would be most important to keep this function connected with royalty. Tradition always places the power of making rain as the fundamental glory of ancient chiefs and heroes, and it seems probable that it may have been the origin of chieftainship.....
  The foregoing evidence renders it probable that in Africa the king has often been developed out of the public magician, and especially out of the rain-maker. The unbounded fear which the magician inspires and the wealth which he amasses in the exercise of his profession may both be supposed to have contributed to his promotion. But if the career of a magician and especially of a rain-maker offers great rewards to the successful practitioner of the art, it is beset with many pitfalls into which the unskillful or unlucky artist may fall. The position of the public sorcerer is indeed a very precarious one; for where the people firmly believe that he has it in his power to make the rain to fall, the sun to shine, and the fruits of the earth to grow, they naturally impute drought and dearth to his culpable negligence or willful obstinacy, and they punish him accordingly. Hence in Africa the chief who fails to procure rain is often exiled or killed. Thus, in some parts of West Africa, when prayers and offerings presented to the king have failed to procure rain, his subjects bind him with ropes and take him by force to the grave of his forefathers that he may obtain from them the needed rain. The Banjars in West Africa ascribe to their king the power of causing rain or fine weather. So long as the weather is fine they load him with presents of grain and cattle. But if long drought or rain threatens to spoil the crops, they insult and beat him till the weather changes. When the harvest fails or the surf on the coast is too heavy to allow of fishing, the people of Loango accuse their king of a “bad heart” and depose him.
Sir James George Frazer (1854–1941).  The Golden Bough.  1922.
page 86

The power of working with natural forces hits at the very core of harnessing nature. "Making it rain" has its connotations with sexual fluids, cash, fertility and abundance.

Rain and water is part of the balance and requirement of life along with the masculine force of the sun and fire, without the combination we could not have rainbows or alchemy....


Saturday, April 7, 2018

Oral hygiene, the mouth, divination and working with the dead

Spiritual hygiene such as cleansings was given an introduction in a previous blogpost.
As well another blogpost covered how the dead can affect a living persons physical health.

Looking at the liver of a sacrificed or animal killed to divine a physical illness, often the entrails or gut and liver of the animal was looked at. This often would show negative energy removed from a person or divinatory information. Likewise the gut, liver and intestines of a person are often affected by negative energy.
Bowels have been related metaphorically to lower realms or "hell" where there is the stench of sulfur, feces/excrement and to lower energetic frequency.

The other area is the bones and teeth related to saturnine aspects of the dead, the material and death...a skeleton.
Omens such as dreaming of teeth falling out is said to portend a death in the family.

The mouth and teeth are related to digestion and our ability to nourish ourself for health and life to eat to take in energy. If we do not eat we do not live and will waste away as if something was feeding on our energy. As well as to express and defend ourself "tooth and nail". We may not be literally biting people but if we look at symbolism and how that plays out on energetic realms such as with totems and the use of animal parts in folk magic such as horn and fang in protection and warrior traditions, it also relates to being a human/animal in warfare or fight and flight.

With divination in the ATRS (african religions) many refresh their shells used for divination with coconut water and cleanse the instruments with cigar smoke. The devices are instructed that the mouths of the shells, or tarot cards used speak truthfully and accurately. This is done in some Yoruban faiths because misfortune causes the divination devices to be inaccurate unless they are cleansed. One Espiritismo Cruzado prayer of tobacco, asks that may the spirits that speak through the sacred smoke of this tobacco... and through the spiritual fluids communicate as such with purity.

In Palo, a communal drink of chamba is used for several reasons. One being practical to decrease illness by cleansing the mouth, sickness believed to be caused by bad spirits. The drink contains antimicrobial substances like alcohol/rum steeped with ingredients such as hot peppers, ginger and garlic. Some recipes contain bone powder and sticks from different species and is made or human consumption or for feeding items and spirits only. It is buried in the earth, a tomb to absorb the energies of the universe and the ground. Chamba again has many applications, but it is believed the dead can cause cavities and residue from their energy can rot inside holes in the teeth. Coconut products were also possibly used as daily routine in personal care, such as with oil pulling in the mouth which is spat out after swishing for minutes.

Despite not having modern dentistry many areas of the world with tropical climates did not have as many dental problems as we see in modern cities. Natural products like these were used in traditional medicines and preventative remedies....
Still, it is a good idea to be up on your regular care and appointments.

Chamba drink is swallowed and is also a form of internal cleansing against witchcraft affecting the body, or if injested in our food that someone laced with witchcraft. In days of slavery poisons, insects, dirts etc were often put in rivals and slavemasters food and drink. Popular today is a love spell where women put heir menstral blood in their mens food like spaghetti sauce to try to dominate them and ensure fidelity. So be careful about who you accept food and gifts from! This is why some will not accept or have prohibitions on leaving drinks around especially dark drinks that can mask what people have put in.

My post on Mama Juana describes a Caribbean native medicinal drink made to also cleanse the body of witchcraft as well as detox the gut, liver and gallbladder area, and can help many disease process. Detox of the body is a good idea in general to help elevate your energy, increase spiritual faculties and health.

You can also do this with coffee fixed how you like or dandelion root tea sweetened with honey, as it is bitters and a digestive tract cleanse. It is dark in color and therefore is good for "banishing" or cleansing. Speak and pray over it to intend to cleanse your digestive intestinal organs and body, to remove any negativity, sorcery, witchcraft and stagnation before drinking. To make a ritual of it light a white tea light candle along with your beverage.

Myself I spray rum with my mouth to clean areas and feed and connect with spirits and use my energy, there is a great supply of personal power of Ashe upon the saliva. But also make a point to brush my teeth before misa or when I know I will be speaking during spiritual readings so that I too may speak via spirit and work cleanly and speak accurately to remove obstacles to our work.

The mouth is a gateway or portal. The holy spirit and gift of tongues are mentioned many times in the bible, and about the mouth of God, and even in genesis how the spoken word leads to creation or manifestation from the spiritual to the physical world. The mouth is an opening and energy center of the body, blood circulation under the tongue supplies ready energy to the breath, along with the lungs during speech to create a vibrational current, and in the use of breath in spiritual works to charge and awaken such as blowing Vodou powders to the 4 winds.

For what is the language of the birds? It is not literally understanding a bird chirping..hahaha
It is to speak and communicate with spirit(s). And there are much deeper secrets than these.

Mar 16:17  And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;
Act 2:3  And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.
Act 2:4  And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.
John 20:22  And when he had said this, he breathed on them,and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost:
I will also wash my hands if a bath for some reason was not performed with florida water.
There are certain Lwa who will not touch earth in their horses, nor interact with the community unless strict cleanliness has been observed.

Hope that these words have been illuminating for you,
until next time,
Sancista Siete Enruzhiladas

Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Book of Mediums by Allan Kardec

The Spirits Book was the first published in the works compiled by Allan Kardec, dictated by the spirits of light in attending seances, and by observing and interviewing mediums. Table turning and these reunion sessions were en vogue during the Victorian era. The second in the series is the Mediums Book.

The philosophy of spiritism was thus codified, which set it apart from other spiritualism at the time during the mid 1800's- 1900. Classic or scientific spiritism follows this doctrine, in spanish espiritismo.

Thus defined:

"Spiritism has no priests and does not use or use in its meetings and practices altars, images, candles, processions, sacraments, indulgences, alcoholic or hallucinogenic beverages, incense, smoke, talismans, amulets, horoscopes, cartomancy, pyramids, crystals or any other objects, rituals or forms of worship.
Spiritism does not impose its principles. However other religions assist in Espiritismo aka Spiritism.

Espiritismo is a separate spiritual and religious practice that has incorporated into most houses of Santería. The type of Espiritismo practiced in Santería Lucumí is called Espiritismo Cruzado (Blended Spiritism) because it has been blended or hybridized with African elements from the Congo people." It is a nod to Kardec but contains syncretic elements in its spiritualism."

The Book of Mediums is essential to understanding Espiritismo Cruzado in our lineage and spiritual house, although it is beneficial to read other Kardec books. And of course our misa, folk seances are conducted with the Kardec Book of selected prayers.
The language is somewhat antiquated and dry. A hard copy of the book can be bought, but a free pdf is provided here. The Mediums Book  <<<<<click here

The difficulty also for some I have encountered is learning difficulties and problems with reading a digital pdf on a screen.
Therefore I have dictated a summary and parts of the chapters, and adding some information to the Mediums Book in a series on youtube, for learning in my temple, and to provide it to the public.

"Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail, under the codename Allan Kardec; proposed the study of "the nature, origin, and destiny of spirits, and their relation with the corporeal world". It encompasses "A discussion of the means of communicating with the invisible world, the development of mediumship and the difficulties encountered in the practice of spiritualism" and more....
                                                                              Luz y Progresso,
                                                                             Sancista 7 Crossroads

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Traditional Herb Series: Fig or Jaguey

Hi everyone, in studying herbs and people asking about them I decided to write a bit more about the plants that we use in more traditional preparations. As always in studying plants check with your mentor or godparent about what you are learning. When you take from a plant payment must be given, and talk with it first so that the plant is effective and that the spirit is not offended.This could be water in dry months, or 5 or 7 coins, or a crystal, incense, something of value, along with but not just a prayer for its healing, elevation for helping you and to bless the plant. Everything is exchange. There are also principles of timing and where the plant grows that will affect the energy of the plant, and therefore your usage.

All plants belong to Osayin and Gurunfinda or Gran Bwa as the owner, depending on tradition, and if domesticated or cultivated and not wild may also belong to spirits like Oko or Azaka.
However Jaguey is associated to the Mpungo Siete Rayos and Zarabanda in Palo, besides the spirits who own every plant.

The fig plant is known as a plant of betrayal or the Judas plant in Cuba, and is one of the many palos sticks used in Palo Mayombe, Monte and its various branches. It is called as such because it approaches other plants and strangles them, "strangler fig" Ficus Aurea/Hembra as the one that grows in tropical areas: Ficus crassinervia (trigonata) drags them down drowning them. It is my supposition that as Adam and Eve hid their nakedness with the leaf, it may have gained also a reputation in the diaspora.Therefore this plant got known for its uses against enemies when offended.

The fresh leaves are also used in a variety of ways in folk craft such as spiritual baths, or dried into spiritual items, around or on candles and into lamps.

The other nicknames for this plant is Vence Batalla: wins battles and Vence Guerra wins wars, as well as Yo puedo mas que tu: I can more than you, or I know better than you. You may see several listings for the same plant as people who are prescribed might not know all the names for the same thing.
                                         Photo from Vancouver island

It is a strong macho dominating and controlling herb, used to reverse black magic back to the sender, to overcome your enemies or those who abuse you, and for protection in the ATR's.

Some also use the leaf for divination, it is instructed to tell the truth, to see if it curls as a no or stays fresh as yes when something is written upon a picked leaf. This is gypsy magic or sycomancy. A live fig plant in the bedroom is said to promote peaceful sleep, in the house as good luck, outside the house to return home safely, and in the kitchen to ensure no one ever goes hungry. In Greek mythology it is a fruit of love or attraction, male potency and fertility. It is a plant which Buddha may have sat under to gain enlightenment.

There is some difference between variety of fig plant, but they are all called jaguey. The male or macho one which needs to be used has large leaves than the female.

As we may live in areas other than the varieties that grow in tropical areas, a study and experimentation must be made of local or nursery plants in the native area you live. In any case fig is jaguey. There are medicinal effects of plants, but my blog focus on these plants will be more on the spiritual aspect. That being said the fig fruit is known to reduce blood pressure.

If you have any herb study requests, let me know, I'm going to focus on ones that grow in the Pacific north west for now that are readily available to me.
If you like my content please feel free to share my original posts and video links