Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Basic supplies for beginning Espiritsmo Cruzado

Hey everyone hope you are enjoying some of your summer. Some of you know I have been out of the country, but I had a request to discuss supplies and books. I decided to do a blog post because its easier to show where to also purchase these as requested and I don't have everything to show right now with me. I have added links below that you can see by moving your mouse over text.

The amount of supplies needed is very small. We are a tradition that works on prayer, faith and light and the power that is afforded by spiritual work and personal development of refining yourself morally.

First I will discuss the absolute basics.
I wrote a 5 part blog post on the basics of setting of a white table, boveda ancestral altar that can be found by typing boveda in the search bar the first entry is the why.
Important to read that series to properly setup.

The table can be set up 2 ways.
1)A boveda has ancestors, and a second tableau espiritual .......spiritual table is set for guides traditional in Cuban system.

2)OR a table can be set to ancestors and the guides can be placed around this.
Another table would be then set for saints and Lwa in Sanse if this is practiced.
Need to have
So what you need for White table was listed as the most simple set up:
white tablecloth, can use a sheet, I even seen someone use a white towel dedicated and new for this purpose. The table is new or passed down in family not second hand.

One clear glass with water and a white candle.
I buy $1 white glass novena candles from dollar tree. Also Winco and Alberstons grocery have them and other saint candles for about $1.60. I also order a pack of white emergency candles from amazon a pack of 72 shabbat candles for $11 shipped. you will need candle holder.
More water glasses can be dedicated to specific ancestors or spirit guides that you have verified.
Do not leave empty bottles and glasses on altars.

***Everything we do whether its divination or work we always have a water glass and white candle to God, and this is also done in Caribbean Vodou.

Good to also have is a bell to call them. These things can be bought anywhere and need to be cleansed first, then dedicated to God and good helping ancestors and guides only.

You will do prayers of Our father and Hail Mary among others to open or to God, but also can add to divine male and female source. You will not name specific pagan or other indigenous gods/goddesses unless they are viewed as the monotheist source..

You will need the book Allan Kardec book of selected prayers to do prayer and bibliomancy.
Its essential.
There are other better translations of this book but I still use this one, because the other books do not have the complete collection. Some of the prayers can be found online.
Psalmistry can be used and also recommended to get a book of psalms, but the whole tradition is based on the prayer book including misa the seance reunions. Currently on ebay is cheapest $6 shipped but you also can buy at botanicas online or in store.

The also basic requirement to understand the tradition is Allan Kardec book of mediums. 
Here is a free pdf.<<<<Click here

This book of mediums must be read prior to entering Espiritsmo in our temple.
Most of his books you can get a free pdf online such as the gospel according to spiritism, but the book of prayers you need a hard copy.

I shop at Botanica7Mares and Original Botanica I give both 4/5 for price and service. I have had bad experience with others sending me missing items broken items and rotten herbs. With no post purchase service. Although I will say Original Botanica does not have as much for the priest to practice African religions and is more on the metaphyscial side.

                                                                  Travelling supplies

Good to have

Metal crucifix or cross with no wood, Rosary usually white is placed on boveda

Bible, other books of prayer such as
Helping yourself with selected prayers purple volume by original publications

Your choice divination method
We do not use systems belonging to other religions like shells to the Odu and Orisha unless properly entered. You may learn from a Lucumi priest how to throw to your dead uninitiated. Anything will work for general readings besides Allan Kardec's book I recommend tarot or/and pendulum. But you can use whatever else you want such as dominoes, bone set etc.

$1 notebook from Dollar store to write prayers you collect and information from spirits do not worry about keeping nice or orderly until later.

Florida Water to cleanse and refresh yourself, clean table add to baths etc
I order from said botanica but good price on amazon pack of 12 for about $32.
I refuse to pay over $3.75-$4 a bottle. Some find them in hispanic beauty sections or stores.
You can also make your own easily with alcohol: everclear or if you have to white rum, oils or plants: roses, cinnamon stick, lavender, lemon and orange peels etc.
Hoyts cologne and 4711 is very similar but more pricey.

White rum: liquor store: veneration, activation and cleansings
Cigars: tobacco store or corner/convenience store: messages, cleansing, veneration, ashtray
White flowers: grocery store any variety: carnations or picked from garden or roadside daisys or yellow sunflowers. Petals are added to baths and serve function on boveda.

White clothing, headwrap or covering:
Can cut a pillow case or piece of satin I buy fabric on amazon $4 a yard shipped
I refuse to pay $9 and up for a mushwa. You can also use turbans, chemo caps, Large bandanas at least 22 or 27" to cover.
A white towel is a good idea for after spiritual baths, and even white pillowcase and sheets.

Chalk I buy from botanica or on amazon
You can grind up your own white eggshells for some use in baths sprinkling in corners of the room floorwashes etc....
 but the chalk form is good for protection on yourself and marking boundaries on walls and doors.
I do both and still trying to make a good chalk as well. You will need to pray over it as it is not consecrated when you buy it, and may not have been made with holy water.

Holy water
From church or a pure source that you bless yourself. Do not buy.

Reckitts squares or Mrs Stewarts liquid laundry bluing are the best brands. Used for baths, small amount its very concentrated ,color to homemade florida water. Used to make blue bowl on ground to cleanse yourself over. I made a youtube video about what else goes in this and how to use it.
Amazon has the best price. You may be able to find in regular stores in laundry section and you can use a small amount on your white fabrics to keep them bright.

Alot of the hoodoo blue ball contain toxic metals so I wouldnt suggest. Im trying not to get into the usage or why we use these things but there are spiritual significances.

Your choice scent but avoid myrhh on its own.
Many temples and even Haitian Vodou use frankinsense and myrhh together to prepare a temple area.
 I am also partial to copal or coconut.
I buy hem incense from a tobacco store for 80 cents bit more pricey on amazon,
I buy copal resin from amazon but you will need charcoal disks and a burner.
Lemon or van van would do. These are cleansing. You might want to avoid also spicy incense. Although I love dragons blood it drives good and bad spirits away. Spicy also makes things hot and we want things cool and calm. Sandal wood is good for spirituality. I do use other incenses that attract like prosperity but cleansing is very important supplies.

cd's by los nanis, oba espiritual, bajon pa' muertos are versions of songs sung in misa to the guides and dead, as well is a form of prayer. You can listen to these on youtube.

Oil: just olive oil will do, but you may also want a protection oil for anointing candles
I do use a gypsy or fortuneteller oil or madama oil for misa and doing consults. Trying to make this list basic but there are other things we use.

Spiritual waters, washes: besides florida water you can get rose and orange water at arabian stores for under $3 or make your own.

.....perhaps get some Pompeya Lotion also as it is more feminine and for higher vibration spirits, but expensive also Kanaga water due to the ylangylang. Can be made or purchased online.

I make my own bitter herb washes that I pick from around my street but important ceremony you will need leaves from a Ceiba tree which is tropical. I ordered a tree from ebay, or you can get leaves from a botanica. We mostly use fresh leaf only, but some can be dried for some applications.
Also rompe saraguay: bitter bush can be ordered or order washes. Rue is a good bitter.
Basil is an important sweet blessing herb in our tradition and in Vodou.
Some herbs can be bought from grocery if you currently have no garden: garden sage, rosemary etc
You may also want to make or buy "Chinese wash" which is essentially van van lemon based.
Good for wiping down altars but also floor washes to cut away negative and residual energy.
Hyssop also you can buy some basic budget supplies from the Magickal Cat online I always have good service.
Arabian stores, dollar stores and mexican sections, stores and bakery have cheap packaged anise stars and dried herbs.
I am partial to violet water it calms anxiety and emotions spiritually and cooling also for heart break. They use this or lavender water for baby wash at bedtime.

Other cleansing supplies like soap: pure castille soap, goats milk soap, african black shea soap, coconut soap, florida water soap is good for maintenace between spiritual baths.

Camphor squares
Used for cleansing and keeping down bad spirits
Bought on Amazon or botanicas

Salt: sea salt or himalyan
White milk: fresh from a coconut, dairy, goat, runoff from rice, nut milks. Used for white bath.
Buy as needed.

There are other things like the 9 different panuelos the spirits use and the monstrance but these are not necessary for a beginner either.

Other Books:
Some of you know I am writing a much delayed book on my Espiritismo.
I would also suggest Mesa Blanca by Freddie Gueverra if you have kindle its $4 on amazon.
He is more pure Espiritsmo or Cuban.
And Sancista Luis Blog and book is closer to my cruzado as he is Puerto-rican.
Study books on Egun and ancestor veneration.
No book will tell you 100% how or is a substitute from learning from a godparent and getting baptised in the tradition.

To be a full Espiritista you are baptised and crowned the dead or are a Palero who has developed this way. (because of the dead and protections but in Lucumi many also crown the dead first whether this is ever developed). It was recently noted by one that Many Santeros are Espiritistas but almost all Espiritstas are not Santeros........
You may need to travel if you cannot attend misa locally to develop.
This way you can SAFELY practice being mounted by spirits with other developed mediums.

With them, discover and verify some of your guides and spirits. This is traditionally done in misa, but many of us do distance readings.
To be a developed Espiritista you will be able to do misa investigations to look into and communicate with other peoples dead.
To be a full Espiritista you have to be able to host mass, misa seance for the public and be proficient in performing exorcisms, and continue developing your physical mediumship and personal development. Although we do work together and you can have your own practices for your own development, ancestors and guides.

Espiritsmo is a good foundation and introduction to Palo or Sanse but also Lucumi and really any other spiritual path for your ancestors, guides and develop mediumship and psychism to augment divination etc. Although Espiritismo is not a requirement to enter or practice any other African religion other than its component of Sanse... This is because the traditions of the dead must also be completed before entering others or this connection is weakened or lost. It is not required to do espiritsmo for Palo but is a good way to get your feet wet and get direction from your spirits to find a good spiritual house whatever tradition you find your ask them for this.
Espiritismo is not Palo and they should not be doing misa to do a life path reading or to find a nfumbe, this needs to be done the traditional Palo way, same as Lucumi you cannot tell your path or Orishas this way with tarot cards either, but it can point you in the right direction (based on your spiritual frame) to be properly confirmed in those other religions.

Beginning Espiritismo is something you can start doing now, and a good idea.
Anyone can practice by attending a boveda, or say they are a spiritualist,
but cannot call themself an Espiritsta in the cultural sense of afro-"hispanic" Spiritualism, spiritism or Espiritismo as it implies.

You can contact me on facebook: Sancista Siete Encruzhiladas