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September 29th Date of the Archangels, Oct 2 for Guardian Angels known or unknown head spirit

This is an important feast date for healing and protection, as well as honoring these Lwa.
Beli Belcan is the Lwa who uses the saint image of St Michael. September 29 is Michaelmas. He chains up bad spirits and is a warrior.
He has a sword and has the power of fiery lightening and of God.

Tindjo Alawe is the head of the Indio division of Lwa, and has domain of cleansing, healing and the water of rivers. We use the image of St Raphael who has a sometimes has a gourd staff and rod with fishes. He wears robes of green of the indian spirits, sometimes blue of the river, and pink as the colors other lineages use together.

If you do not know if you have these Lwa or have not received them, you can still work with the angels, in particular St Michael as revocations can be done to remove negativity and bad spirits from us, and for justice.

Resguardos, like mojo bags can be prepared under him for protection, and prayers can be given with a novena saint candle, or a red candle. Do your prayers to God and St Michael over the bag each day.
The recipe from my godfather for St Michael resguardo:
enough red candles for 9 days or enought novenas, set one red candle 
beside a clear water glass and st michael image or prayer card if not using novena
small red bag, tie with green or red string or ribbon when assembled
cleanse items with rum, florida water and tobacco smoke
cross charm or sword of cross
4 clove garlic
st michael medallion
seed of quita maledicion or stop evil
piece of paper with persons name

optional from others variations:
anoint with st michael or protection oil
thunderstone (pied de rayo) and stones of protection
3 peony seed against evil eye
dried bay laurel leaf, angelica root or vencedor leaf (lilac) for success and higher spirits.

Also from the book Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic comes this old-time conjuration of Saint Michael Archangel for protection from evil:

Home Protection Packets
sew small cloth packets filled with grains of paradise seeds and 
glue or crochet a holy card of Michael the Archangel to 
them. Sold in pairs, one to be placed at the 
front door and one at the back door, for the protection of the home.

San Miguel Vencio! San Miguel Vencio! San Miguel Vencio su enemigo con el poder de Dios!
(St Michael vanquishes with the power of God)

For the uninitiated you will not know your met tet until it is confirmed in your baptism and crowning or possibly at kanzo. You may have an idea who this is but it cannot be confirmed until then.
However you can begin to strengthen this connection by using the image of the 4 archangels, but many also will use the image of the guardian angel to represent them as is in our lineage. September 29 is the day of all the archangels. The words guardian angel describes our met tet, the Lwa who rules our head, and is not a spirit guide. This is not the holy guardian angel or hga, the higher self.

You can either find a candle with this image, or print it off in color and tape it to a white novena, glass chimney candle you can find at the dollar store. Blow cigar smoke over it or frankincense and myrrh, and anoint it with olive oil, or some kind of protection oil bottom up.
You can also get a guardian angel saint card, and use white candles.
It is said that everyone has a tutelary met tet, a Lwa or Orisha at birth. I do not know if this is true, however one can step forwards for you and claim you. Following the directions below to perform a novena with or without the headwashing can help you on your spiritual journey into these traditions, along with starting ancestral veneration as the foundation.

It is fortuitous that September 29 2016 is on a Thursday, the day of the Rada Lwa, however Saturdays are also used for most Lwa. In the Catholic dates they use October 2.
If you missed September 29th to start, this can be done whenever you wish, and the headwash is usually done once a month to every two months, called a rogacion. The rogacion you will perform is not the same as receiving it from a priest or priestess of Lucumi, whose energy or ashe is in direct attunement. The recipe is similar to what I posted on ancestral connection bath.

Do your prayers everyday until the candle has burn out, but if you can use several candles for 7 days. As 7 is the celestial number and of the number of chiefs and families of Lwa in Sanse. There are also 7 archangels, 1 for each day.
Although a novena is traditionally done for 9 days.
Speak from the heart, of prayers of protection, and what you need guidance with. Feel free to substitute the word God with the name of God of your understanding such as in Vodou as Papa Bonnye (Bon-yay), Bondye (Bon-dye), Or Papa Bon Dios, as we are a monotheist spirituality. Or use Odudumare (Oh-du-du, mar-eh) if you feel your path is more of the Orisha faiths such as Ifa or Lucumi. Or you can use the phrase Great Spirit.

Here are some sample prayers for you to use, which you can find from several Catholic sites online:
You may also want to use psalm 91. 

Angel of God,
my guardian dear,To whom God's lovecommits me here,Ever this day,be at my side,To light and guard,Rule and guide.


Guardian Angel from heaven so bright, Watching beside me to lead me aright, Fold thy wings round me, and guard me with love, Softly sing songs to me of heaven above.
O angel of God,
appointed by divine mercy to be my guardian,
enlighten and protect,
direct and govern me this day.

 GOOD NIGHT, my Guardian Angel, 
The day has sped away; 
Well spent or ill, its story 
Is written down for aye. 
And now, of God's kind Providence, 
Thou image pure and bright, 
Watch o'er me while I'm sleeping----- 
My Angel dear, good night!


Novena Prayer

O most faithful companion,
appointed by God to be my guardian,
and who never leaves my side,
how shall I thank you for your faithfulness and love
and for the benefits which you have obtained for me!

You watch over me when I sleep;
you comfort me when I am sad;
you avert the dangers that threaten me
and warn me of those to come;
you withdraw me from sin
and inspire me to good;
you exhort me to penance when I fall
and reconcile me to God.

I beg you not to leave me.
Comfort me in adversity,
restrain me in prosperity,
defend me in danger,
and assist me in temptations,
lest at any time I fall beneath them.

Offer up in the sight of the Divine Majesty
my prayers and petitions,
and all my works of piety,
and help me to persevere in grace
until I come to everlasting life.


         Novena to Guardian Angel

O holy angels, whom God,
by the effect of His goodness and His tender regard for my welfare,
has charged with the care of my conduct,
and who assists me in all my wants
and comforts me in all my afflictions,
who supports me when I am discouraged
and continually obtains for me new favors,
I return thee profound thanks,
and I earnestly beseech thee,
O most amiable protector,
to continue thy charitable care and defense of me
against the malignant attacks of all my enemies.
Keep me away from all occasions of sin.
Obtain for me the grace of listening attentively
to thy holy inspirations
and of faithfully putting them into practice.
In particular, I implore thee to obtain for me
the favor which I ask for by this novena.

[Here mention your need(s).]

Protect me in all the temptations and trials of this life,
but more especially at the hour of my death,
and do not leave me until thou hast conducted me
into the presence of my Creator
in the mansions of everlasting happiness.


The head wash recipe is as follows. 
Break open a coconut and use the water into a white basin, you cannot use coconut milk or water from a carton. You can mark the coconut white all over with cascarilla first on the outside if you desire. You can also take a second coconut marked in this way and roll it around on top of your head and behind your neck. This one should be kicked down the street or put in a grocery bag and disposed away from the home, off the property line.

You will also need into the white basin:

cool tap water or fresh river water
Add cascarilla chalk or crushed white eggshells
small amount shaved cocoa butter
These items are traditionally put on a white plate and placed on the head first along with the whole coconut.

Mix and mash these items with your hands, putting your energy and intentions into it as you repeat your prayers and call with your thoughts, as well as speak from the heart aloud to your guardian angel. Pray over this mixture the first night of the novena and perform this.
Take the mixture into the bathroom into the shower area, and bend forwards, pouring the mixture over your head. Do not rinse. This can also be done with a clear or white cup over the basin in front of your altar.

After you will need to wrap your head in white, wear white clean clothing and sleep like this. 

With the remains of the mixture, you can place your novena candle into the center of the bowl before your altar, or at your bedside if you have not constructed one yet. After your head is wrapped you can also mark your body with cascarilla for extra protection in x's or +'s on the back of the neck, belly, top of feet and on wrists. This can all be rinsed off with a regular shower in the morning.

For 24 hours no sex, drugs, alcohol, swearing or bad behavior to get you in proper alignment and for clarity to strengthen the mind. It will help your faculties, and focus on goals, destiny, spiritual progress and path, as well as guidance, cooling, for peace, and calming the head. It is cleansing, away from bad influences, thoughts, illness and misfortune. It feeds your internal knowing, called Ori by the Yorubans.

Be Blessed,
Sancista 7

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