Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Where & How do the Lwa appear?

Where do they live and where do they come from?

Where do the Lwa live? Do they all live under the sea in Vilokan with met Agwe? I asked my Padrino. It seemed to be related to Afrique Ginen, the mystical homeland across the waters where the ancestors live, since the rada or elder Lwa are referred to as Ginen, the original west African Lwa from where Voudou originated.
Non, they come down from the sky, they live everywhere and in everything. He answered

This made sense to me from the animistic perspective, and as the Lwa are real beings, but also personified natural forces. Some have domain of the rivers, the others the ocean, the cemetary, the forest, the crossroads, the wind, thunder and lightening, some may find homes inside a stone.

You may see them in your dreams, they may appear african, or as the saint face. You may see them briefly as the corner of your eye. You may go to a ritual and see them communicate through their horses. You may see them manifested in the causal environment through natural forces, media, symbols, synchronicity or appearance of animals such as an uncanny timed specific colored butterfly or a specific type of dog. You may see them in waterglasses or candlewax.

What do they look like?

Ah that is why they are mystery. Do they truely look like the saint? no. Do they look like a normal human? no. Do they look like a snake? sometimes. Do all simbi, snake spirits look like a snake? no. They can look like very human animals such as the Lwa Sobo and Bade who can look like giant goats.

What do natural or cosmic force creational force look like? Although I do not believe that Voudou can be approached through ceremonial magick or gnosticism at all, there is personal revelation inside the religion.
What is color, spectrum, vibration as it pertains to the celestial? Light, refraction, fractals.

Dhamballa and Aida Wedo the creational Lwa
The trinity, of source, polarity, giving rise to rays of emanations.

There is a reason we use 7 colors of panuelo, bandana or fabric, for our 7 chief Lwa in Sanse
Sancista 7 crossroad

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