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Exorcism and controlling unwanted spirit influence

It is believed in the Catholic church, which informs many beliefs in Kardecian spiritism, that an individual may not fall under possession unless they consent to it. Of course the church believes that we are all pitiful sinners, and lays on the guilt trip that we are culpable for all our sufferings, so that these bad spirits are just the agents of our choices. To remind the reader we do not use the word possession for when we are in physical mediumship of the good spirits, of which the Catholic church believes there is no such thing, unsanctified (unapproved), of these abilities without evil influence.

One day we went into our local Catholic store. It is conveniently located, beside a dollar store, liquor store, and coffee shop. We get incense, charcoal tabs, saint cards for Lwa and other supplies here as well as small local mexican botanicas. I also got a really cool glass bottle to put my holy water in.

Anyways, one day we went in, and a young man we had not seen before, or since, was working there. He had some kind of ability and reacted to a man I was with. He knew right away there were spirits there with us who fought bad spirits. He gave us a book free, called: Freedom from deliverance. although I am unsure of the author presently, about exorcism, and said that he recommended it to many people such as Buddhists who deal with the same thing.

I read this book and it was very eye opening about what the practices were, and some were similar. Of course they state a lay person can only do certain prayers etc, and matters better left of to the church.

From watching ghost paranormal shows, it is evident of the number of failed Catholic exorcisms, and how long the process must take to get help from their system. Of course there is a psychological and mental health component as well, if it is just psychopathy arising undealt with from the subconcious. It can be a lengthy process of even years in their teachings.

(The powah of christ compels you)....from the movie: The rite

Removing spirits, how to stop physical possession must be taught for safety, as we practice physical mediumship and traffick with the dead. As priests we are protected from this as we have a spirit seated on our head of our main guide as spiritualists, and our misterio Lwa as Sancistas. They are protective of this head space and will likely kick the bad spirit out or stop them. The same is true in other african traditions, with their spirits, connected to their head in initiation ritual. Since we provide and invite a environment where spirits come in misa, we have to protect the attendees, beyond properly setting up the session. And they may come with a spirit already attached.

It would be foolish to teach exorcism outside of temple environment. However I can give a few tips, because spirits will visit anyone, regardless of being called, paid attention to or not, they will try to use mediums.

Safety & Prevention is key and number 1
Keeping clean with your behavior and up to date with your spiritual baths, clean environment and having a good working relationship with your spirit guides and clear frame. They are called to protect us.We get to know our spirits and when they are coming on, and know how to identify them and good spirits. Do not try possession untrained and unassisted. Do not work with random dead or spirits or higher spirits you think you have like Lwa, but is never confirmed. Your spirit frame links must be solid. Your priest knows your centinela: the main spirit guide name to call and help you if incapacitated. Keep your altars clean and water cups refreshed. Do not be under the influence of substances, without adequate cultural usage and protection. This opens you up to influence and lowers our control. Getting drunk at misa or ritual is a bad idea, but we do use rum and cigars as a drink, or spiritually.
Consent can be implied or by silence.
having a strong will, and strong force of the word NO
ask them to provide their message another way and what their issue is, why have they come
they will try to make you consent, may try to provoke fear, disarm your guard, or make pain or discomfort to submit.

There are many warning signs of impending possession such as any psychic ability or mediumship is a spirit edging closer. Clearer examples would be: physical sensations of being touched, pressure, or pulled, dizziness, cloudiness or fuzziness, temperature changes, loss of physical function and control, strange thoughts and urges or fascination.

Coming to certain rituals like a voudou Lwa service implies consent, specifically called, and they are powerful good higher spirits, who can likely do as they please. We view possession as different than being mounted by our spirits.

One espiritista I talked to believes people can be possesed without their consent. It is true one might be weak or very unaware person. But on some level of passivity, self destructiveness, or negative personal traits, this is also how consent can be given. Some will even want to hold on to these spirits, and be conflicted about letting them off.

We do not believe in my house that people can be possesed without their consent. As humans we are very powerful in unrealized potential. We have physical bodies as an advantage point in the physical world over spirits. Children, the ill, and elderly are at greater risk because they do not have as much strength, or will. Personality development is more limited as an infant to know themself, have boundaries, and can be easily manipulated. Teenagers put off sexual energy and angst, emotional energy that can be used as spiritual fluids for spirits to manifest, which is why poltergeist activity is more common.
body positioning: cross arms,  cross legs, remove feet from floor if on chair, sit with back against the wall on the floor in this crossed position will stop the flow of energy from being as strong. This is why we ask people do not cross their limbs at misa to get spiritual energy flowing, but also can be inhibited.
If laying in bed position yourself in a cross, praying. Turn the light on. In Vodou we will cross and uncross the person to attempt and loosening off a spirit.
Lay also the best way to breath, if you are female lay on left side, male right side will decrease activity and dreams but also nightmares.
4 prayer raise vibrations, and assistance of higher beings, strong faith in your spirits and god
If you are alone putting on the light, playing music, ringing the bell, laughter can help to break up negative stagnant energy. Although the dead can bother you during the day, it is easier during the night, at 6am or pm, 12 am or pm and 12 pm to and at 3 am to 4am. These are crossroad times and hours of manifestation during darkness. A bubble of light alone is not enough to protect you. Close down the ritual or divination session if you must. Prayer is a powerful tool, such as kardecs prayer to the obsessed, the revocation of st michael, .......our father and hail mary if thats all you can do at the moment and/or spontaneous and heartfelt. However prayer alone is not enough always, which is all kardecian spiritists can do, besides calling the guides......and all the catholic church recommends the laiety to do. As folk espiritistas we have other tools in our toolbox.
5 physical agents of cleansing or exorcism: perfumes, holy water, crucifix, herbs such as espante muerte wash, also called chasing the dead or false daisy.
cascarilla chalk applied to the body, to the feet, back of the neck, head, around white cloth around waist etc This is also why we cleanse and wear white head wraps in misa and dealing with the unknown dead as a spiritual layer of protection.
6 physically restraining them, binding and dominating them. This I recommend only a group of trained priests or espiritistas attempt. We do not do this alone if it can be helped, it is foolhardy. It is easier to dominate and fool one espiritista than the combined force of a group of us with different strengths and weaknesses.

Of course again, there is much more that I cannot say here that training would provide.

Another thing I would like to add is that banishing the dead does not work. Meaning ceremonial magick of banishing pentagrams and a magickal circle alone. This is because that is a mental astral construct. The dead can go to the dream realm, and astral lunar world, but are not of there. There are backdoors into our world and from the moon realm to what can be understood as the underworld. Yes the astral also contains a mixture of emotional energy as well as mental, but the dead are much more physical, retaining a perispirit matrix body of personality of energetic matter, even if the soul has moved on. The banishing ritual also called the LBRP or lesser banshing ritual of the pentagram,in which the pentagram of earth is usually used, are designed against astral spirits such as the goetia, thoughtforms, rogue elementals etc and to balance energy for a neutral space, depending. These astral entities, which the common sorceror tends to overintellectualize and abuse or misuse, thus needs continual protection every 24 hours, and the worse if using yaweh godnames faithlessly (or faithfully in my opinion as the demiurge). To be trained how to have command of angels it need not be a judaic operation. It would be more so effective if calling in gods as a pagan that one actually has personal relations with, and not the elements. However when malevolent dead (who won't play by the rules) are present, a multipronged plan of attack needs to happen.
The sun and cross, in the lunar watery cup astral, fire and water is air, steam, alchemy.

The LBRP proper also contains the exercise of the qaballistic cross which is formalaic of the prayer Our Father but more energetic and internal, and is of use for balancing the energy in ones bodies. (In heaven....thy kingdom come, apon earth)( as vertical pole axis). (Give us this day our daily bread (right hand), forgive us ..who trespass against us (justice left hand)(the horizontal axis of the cross). An imbalance makes one more prone to polarized entities, but there are powerful negative spirits and adepts which can exist at the solar level and higher. There are many methods to do energy balance.

Your light will shine brighter, and is synonymous with the lighthouse of Sanse.

The cross (position of mercy) and central energy pillar is of use in balance, and connecting to deity, but I will leave this here, because as it is publicly or popularly known is of little use. The pillar or trunk of the world tree and palo mitan or majeur of the peristyle and temple or home is the microcosm of our world tree universe, as well as our body or as humans.

The daosits this is the dao or balance between the yin and yang polarity. They have the taiji pole of the navigational or celestial north star, running through the body into the earth through the 3 dan tien to anchor, as the in qigong, taichi and other practices.

Spirits will rely on getting an emotional reaction, such as fear or sadness/depression, which can throw you off kilter. Anger is largely viewed as a negative emotion, if blinding. But anger can also be protective of self/ego/personality, and be motivational, if calculated. Energy vampires can feed off of neutral energy, frenetic energy, positive energy, or excitement such as at a sports stadium or concert, often ritualized, or at a church as the congregation is unaware where their raised energy is going.

The underlying energetic truths of christianity and tarot is of ceremonial magic preserved/of the Jews, gypsys and egyptians from much older cultures. Christianity encorporated or overlayed many indigenous cultures beliefs and sites. Since christianity made its way into most new world african traditions, it is empowering to understand. Of course many espiritistas, hoodoo workers and christians do not understand. I am just adding my 2cents for the varied backgrounds of the reader.

A man makes a pentagram of earth or a cross, and also the proportions of a hexagram, another solar symbol. Spirit in matter of the 4 elements. There are 3 crosses and centers: one of earth, of the sun, and one of the pole star, linked to the head and destiny.

Well, I seem to be getting tangental, until next time,

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