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Colors & the panuelos or bandanas in Sanse & Espiritismo

White:all elevated spirits, the dead, cooler older rada Lwa, main color of clothing and mesa blanca the boveda ancestral altar, tableau espiritual if you hold it for guides, and the divisional altar for the Lwa. I have another blog entry that talks about white in relation to purity, spirit/bone and the shells, cascarilla chalk.

You can watch my youtube video below where I talk more about the fabrics.

                                         The Vodou Altar: 7 panels

Misterios, Chief Lwa
7 color: & chief Lwa of Sanse
Papa Legba: white and red
Candelo: red and white or red and black
Beli Belcan: red and green
Ogun Balendjo: red and blue
Tindjo Alawe: green or pink and green, blue for Indio river spirits
Ghede Limbo: purple and white
Metresili: Pink and white, some use light blue

Some of the Lwa under them, or these Lwa color can change depending on point, or vuelta, turn f the spirit or different path of the spirit.

Orange: female Lwa of sweet waters
Red: generally Petro and Congo, and warrior spirits
Yellow: Cachita Tumbo, Anaisa, Oshun depending on path of the spirit, female Metressas of sweet waters, river, Gran Solier
Blue: Marine spirits, Indio of river, Ocean Spirits like La Sirene and Agwe


The white table, boveda ancestral altar and tableau espirituale uses 9 panels.

Blue is the color of the waters, astral, mental realm, and the healthy energy bodies together are a white or blue color.

The muertos
9 color: the dead, emissaries, ancestors and guides, or multicolor
7 color for 7 african powers: 1 color for each tribal spirit of the dead, celestial number
Their color can also be the mysterio or elements they work with
red: congo
red/black: gypsy but any color they desire, patterns polka dots
africanas/madamas: under the misterio they are with such as blue: yemaya/olokun, red:chango, yellow:Oshun etc
orange: asian spirits
marigolds: flowers of the dead, flor de muerto
yellow, white: spiritualists, priests, nuns
green: indians, arabians with black

Hope Faith Charity: yellow/green, blue, red/pink the primary color as the 3 powers/potencias
or the 3 races, potencias as well as red, black, white

Cordon & flowers colors

white: peace, calm, purity: daisy, lily, carnation, rose etc

red: passion, energy, strength, faith, power and belief, for those who suffer
pink: :salvation and help for souls rose, carnation etc, charity with heart

orange:humility and bulgarian rose

yellow: strong yellow: light elevation for incarnated souls and ascension for ancestors, difuntos (dead) sunflower, daffodils, rose etc
light yellow: love, fraternity, friendship. charity

green: hope with the anchor
blue: calm, union, reunion, communication, against division, faith with the cross

purple: forgiveness, pardon, grief
multicolor: reunion of souls, against division of people, and division internally or within your house

Reference: El espiritismo de cordon by Martinez & Sablon (2000)

The flowers also have symbolism, not only in their scent and effects, for example: lily feminine and purity.

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