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Notes about cleansings and spiritual baths

Spiritual cleansing is very important in our traditions, and underplayed in the rest of the occult world.
It also can be overemphasized as a cleansing may not solve all problems or issues.
It is the best way to be proactive in keeping negative energy and entities off you.

A reading may be required to look at the origin of the problem. A uncrossing, a road opening or larger work may be required. A regular cleansing regimen keeps the day to day negative and lower witchcraft away such as evil eye. It helps things not stick to you as easily.

To remove negativity in a spiritual bath, usually something bitter, acidic or sour is used such as bitter herbs like rue and sage, vinegar, lemons, lemongrass are used. Then after doing that a sweet bath to attract the good in is done with items like honey, oranges, mint. Condition baths also are not necessarily cleansing like a bath for money.

Like anointing a candle, baths are done by pouring neck or head down to decrease, and can be sponged up to increase. Originally this was done standing in a basin, although its called a bath, it can be done in a shower. There are certain items we do not place on the head such as abre camino (road opener), and espante muerte (false daisy or chasing the dead herb). Or even salt unless very haunted. This is because these chase away our good dead, or can open up our head where the spirits are placed, or have associated with our consciousness.

Part of preparation for house exorcism with 7 bitter herb wash

Always use fresh herbs if you can help it.

I already posted a white bath to connect with your spirits to the dead: ancestors and guides and to your head spirit or guardian angel that can be done 3, 7 or 9 days.
Removal baths should be done first for a number of days.

A good removal bath is done with 3 7 9 or 21 items and done for 1, 3, 7 or 9 days
You can use rue, hyssop and holy water or
Florida water, laundry bluing and a bitter herb such as garden sage, rue, dandelion leaf, mugwort or wormwood
A 7 or 21 bitter herb bath is also wonderful, you tear the leafs into the warm water, never boil your herbs.
Another common one is sage, basil and rue.

You are going to want to pray over the bath and put your intention and energy into it with your hands.
You are going to take a regular bath and shower and cleanse yourself in the normal way mundanely before doing the spiritual cleansing.

There are many ways to cleanse yourself besides a bath such as doing handpasses into water or fire

There are many other items you can use to cleanse yourself like egg limpia, bread or flowers in the river passed or sweeped off the body and then discarded. We use alot of water as a spiritualist tradition, and as important to african and native american cultures.
Egg Limpia:

After you cleanse you are going to want to do a sweet bath to attract love or good finances or peace for a number of days such as 3, 5 or 7

When you should cleanse yourself:
At least once a week, as a routine
During high energy times of the year, times of working with with spirit celebratory dates to cleanse and heal you.
Before and after most rituals especially when working with the dead or seances to also keep you balanced by all these incoming forces
Before and after performing healing on someone else
When you feel something negative is around you or in your life
Before or at least also after if unaware you are going into or wandering into a cemetery, haunted areas, negative ritual areas such as groups you are not 100% comfortable or familiar with, the hospital, areas where there are high crime or violence, ex jails.
After a magical attack
After or during purging negativity or disease or imbalances from your body
Before and after any black magick, if you throw mud don't be surprised if you get dirty

Before something new such as job interview or spells to increase positivity by decreasing any negativity and get you in the mindframe

Periodically cleanse your divination tools
Cleanse your home at least once a month, including door stop with incense such as copal or frankinsense and myrhh, and do your floor wash, especially before and after rituals, and your bath and shower area.

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