Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Voudou arte & crafts

These are some pictures of items I made

Protection door hanger with 7 chief ribbons colors of the main Sanse Lwa.
The main Lwa are Papa Legba, Beli Belcan, Gran Solier, Metresili, Candelo, Tindjo Alawe and Ghede Limbo in our lineage.
We would use 9 for the number of the dead.
atizay and atizana are the Haitian creole words for arts and crafts related to the Mama Mambo Lwa Ayizan.

Protection over the door under Lwa Beli Belcan
Guede voudou offering and libation bottle, my first made:

Horseshoe from a winning race shoe under Ogun with Haiti & St George flags colors

Candle novena made for illuminayson ritual for a virgin altagracia patron of Dominican Republic 

I am going to be making another bottle and flags, drapeau in the future.

Voodoo Ceremony by Andre Normil

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