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How to read the water glasses and white pillar novena candles on the boveda Part 5

Reading the water glass and candles, Boveda Part 5

Observe the water glass for bubbles which indicates spirit presence and may indicate the request of the spirits. A glass that is clear and full of fine bubbles is what is used in a spiritual bath which cleanses a person spiritually, to better communicate with your spirits, and is full of blessings or is made and prayed over for a specific purpose. This generally prevents negative energetic attachments which can cause many problems such as bad luck, bad health and problems with employment or a relationship. If the bubbles are present after you cleansed yourself over the glass, it could be negative, and that water is disposed of anyways and never used again.

If the glass is used to call a spirit not worked with previously or to remove negative energies, or after you cleanse your home, the presence of a lot of bubbles may indicate negative presences. We go by our feelings and having an established practice, dedicating the glass to our ancestors. 

Large grape like clusters of bubbles may indicate lower level spirits present. This can be one way if you put glasses in the corner of your house to detect negative entities.

A glass of water with bubbles at the top may be requesting prayers,  communication, tobacco or incense. In the middle they may be requesting to come through a medium or the misa environment. In the bottom or middle they may be requiring elevation, white flowers usually kept on the altar before spoiling or food. Sometimes other people's spirits or spirits will be attracted here or to you because they know you can communicate with them or for them, or know that they can get help. This is why lighthouses are sometimes haunted, by spirits of those lost at sea, people that lived there or as a beacon of light. People that do not know they are dead may even go to hospitals even if they never died there.

Some Lwa do not like water whereas other spirits such as the native americans or indios of the river love to have water nearby. In general we keep water glasses next to our ancestors and spirit guides. Burning incense can also help the dead or certain astral  spirits to manifest as well as provide a clearer area. Frankincense and myrrh, copal, and rose are favorites, as well as citrus, sandalwood and vanilla. Some people also like to use palo santo, but we have taboo against burning cedar seen as an emblem of the tree of life.

No bubbles or cloudiness and contaminants in the water may indicate listening to an upset state of mind of the practitioner, spirits cleansing themself, filtering negativity from you, or failure on the part of the practitioner to keep it fresh and communicate, as well as attend to promised duties. However I live in a part of the country where there is a lot of white limescale to the water, which is hard to clean even with citrus agents, but you never want to use filtered water, as the particles help the field of communication. Therefore I usually use one water glass except when doing the water glass arrangements for specific directions to the court. Because I share my white table currently with my spouse there is a lack of room.

It is very common in households to have one altar for the family, especially with several generations in one household, where the house would be passed down in the family and jointly responsible for its condition and use. I do not suggest this if you are unmarried or not “family”, or if one person cannot maintain your separate sections as husband and wife.

Reading Candles

Candles also can be observed for forms the wax makes if it is not a sanctuary or novena type. However this guide is more for the glass novena pillar type, that should be straight at the top.

Scrying the flame as it melts can be done in a relaxed open state, do not try to concentrate. Glance also at the figures such as saint statues or guide statues mouths

 The bottom inside when it is done for patterns and whole of a glass novena glanced at. Figures, initials, numbers are often divined.

Candles should burn clear, If a little black at the top, and the candle has a straight glass chimney such as a 7 day glass pillar novena, it may have caught something negative. If all black, or mostly down the candle glass, there is a lot of negativity present. Cleansing, and more work needs to be done and divined. The same if the candle actually broke and it was not because the wick was close to glass wall. Your spirits caught something negative and protected you. Make sure you trim your wick before lighting. Another candle is burned to see if the situation is cleared. Many people take private photos of their work to document spirit presences and reflections, some of which can only be seen later. Fire safety is important to place them safely and avoid having them burn unattended. Glass candles can crack or break, as a manufacturer flaw or catching a negative vibration. Wax can spill and continue to provide fuel for flame to burn. 

Observe the flame quality, bobbing and waving back and forth can indicate talking so quiet yourself and try to listen. A high flame or crackling indicates strong effort and aggressive spirits or presence, low indicates a hard time achieving the efforts or weak presence. I have read articles on how to read candles some I agree with some of it I don’t. 

Twin flames or more can indicate a quarrel or more than one person or spirit in the situation. Ghosting or a white film on the candle glass can indicate good spirit presence. Excessive wax buildup can indicate trouble or efforts to resolve a situation did not work. Wax lines or ghosting lines on the glass can indicate issues or items the spirit has worked on for you. These can be compared to where you might have written on the glass with a sharpie. You may want to include the date, your birth date and initials when writing on novenas for prayer or special requests. It is not really candle spells, as these are not kept on the white table.

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