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How to approach and open the tableau espirituale Part 3

When approaching the altar we knock on the door 3 times if in an enclosed room, but in my experience they like the family living room and to protect the front door.

To approach and open the altar:
Otherwise we make the sign of the cross with our right hand from our head drawn down our body to where our hand naturally falls then tap the left shoulder drawing our hand across our chest to touch the right shoulder.  Other christian sects go right to left. Then knock on the table 3 times with our arms crossed and knock with our middle knuckles. Some just knock 3 times with one hand or on the altar room door. Some touch the altar with their first two fingers to show respect with both hands.
 Ring the bell in the sign of the cross as a summoning for offerings or communication, or in notification before bed, when leaving the house, or on return for protection and acknowledgement. 

Light the candles which have been previously cleansed and anointed, and then give them a minute of silence before proceeding.
Some people kiss the two index or pointer and middle fingers on the right hand, touch the ground then point up to the sky. This acknowledges love to the ancestors from the ground to the most high god. Another variation is kiss touch heart and up to sky to just acknowledge god. This kiss and then pointing to the sky is sometimes done after crossing oneself in prayer. The middle knuckle and finger is the highest point of the hand and has significance spiritually, as does the right, “ good”, blessing, clean, hand. The spirits for the most part live in and come through a mirror, (sometimes literally as well) world to our own, so that is why we cross our arms in part to join them and join a same hand to same hand. Left to left etc in union when facing them. The higher spirits are also a mirror to us, the creole word miwa is a double meaning for look but also mirror, the looking glass, used in crossing the arms for the congo and Voudou salute. 

Use the concept of god first and address god in prayer in indigenous way or the our father and hail mary, some also do a glory be.

 You can use any prayer to call your good helpful ancestors, here is an example:
Call to ancestor prayer
In the name of the most high god I give this water and this candle to my ancestors (you can recite names, surnames or say known and unknown if you have no clue), the blood of my blood that they may receive light and progress. I offer this candle as a beacon of hope that all my ancestors should draw near. As my dead have been a light for me in my darkness may this be a light for them in theirs.

If you know the names of your spirit guides you can call them too here, or just say “good spirits of my spiritual frame I call you who manage and are responsible for my guidance, spiritual progress and elevation. I call you to be present to partake and communicate at this table".

You can use the bell and ring it for each ancestor and spirit guide called to give notice, and break up negative energy.

The cross is placed on the table when not active, but after the time of approach can be placed inside the main glass feet first, as the living or resurrected one.

You can then listen in silence or meditate to music, recite prayers, talk to your spirits and confide in them as if they were your friend standing beside you in life, do divinations or your cleansings as needed. I usually cleanse myself with florida water on approach first into a bowl of bluing water with a mixture of florida water, cascarilla and sometimes holy water. See the next part 4 where I talk more about cleansings.

With the glasses you can tap one and ask for guides and ancestor help on a matter or touch with your index  (pointer) and forefingers together (middle) with your request gives them a gentle poke or nudge.

I hope that this helps many people,

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