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Azabache jet protection collares necklace

This is a prepared and charged necklace I made for a friend overseas in Europe, included in a folk spiritist care package with his prepared spirit guide doll, as it is hard to buy botanica items there. Sometimes this kind of jewelry is made for the new initiate for protection, and also worn in more fancy commercial versions as jewelry with gold and coral for protection instead of peony. New born babies in Puerto Rico are often adorned with it for protection and against the evil eye: mal de ojo. This is made of red and black peony seeds which look like a evil eye symbol as they are red with a black dot. 

When assembled a jet pendant is attached which comes in different symbols: hand of protection which is most common, heart, cross, or saint medals etc. The type of charm selected can reflect the person's main spirit guide. It is called and known as azabache in spanish and at botanicas. The evil eye is negative energy that people who are completely unaware of the occult can still put on a person with giving dirty looks, judgment, jealousy etc. The spiritual necklace is not worn in the bathroom or during sexual activity.

They can be charged with spirits and are washed in certain indgredients such as herbs, fruits, spiritual colognes, cascarilla eggshell or chalk or waters solution. This preparation can be any number of ingredients, but following certain principles, what spirits are used, spiritism, prayer, songs, and divination of the medium. They can be helpful in connecting to the protection of the main spirit guide: the centinela, while protecting against malevolent dead. The main ingredients I used for this time was japanese incense, a mandarin, spiritual help cologne, cascarilla, water, and holy water, smells amazing!

We do not use too many semi-precious crystals in the folk and african diasporic traditions, mostly regular stones like river rocks, or for prosperity or an add on. However Jet is really an ancient plant with mystical properties going back to europe. It is a type of fossilized coal from trees millions of years old which combined with water. Fossils such as ammonite are used for spirits of the dead and time passed as bone, so it is no wonder it is popular in folk spiritism.

They supposedly used jet during the inquisition to diagnose witchcraft. In the Victorian area it was used as funerary, mourning jewelry or rosaries. This was the time when spiritism became popular of the seances. Most jet comes from Britain and Turkey when sourced by the romans, and has been found as pre roman artifacts. A example of Roman-era jet jewelry on the British Isles was discovered in 1901 in the grave of a high-class mixed-race woman who lived in 4th century York.  This is the so-called “Ivory Bangle Lady” is named for the bracelet made of elephant ivory (probably North African) and Whitby jet (from the North of Yorkshire) found in her grave.  This woman embodies the mixing of cultures and traditions through empire and expansion that have taken place for centuries and millennia. Amber and Jet necklaces are worn by the high priest class in British traditional witchcraft.

Jet becomes magnetized with static when rubbed with silk like amber. It has many properties, the primary one being protection. it can absorb negative energies, and should be cleansed periodically with smudging and sunlight. Like all spiritual jewelry, if it breaks you should leave it where it falls if outside the home or outside. If it falls inside quickly scoop it into the garbage, dispose of this away from the home if possible after washing your hands. If you find african tradition seed bead necklaces such as some of the priests wear, chip crystal necklaces, evil eye, crosses, jewelry etc in a place, such as on a lawn, do not touch it, because it has broken some negative condition.

Protection, particularly against sickness and violence is an attribute of jet. It is also used for clairvoyance, and for the psychic, as it purifies the vibration of the information coming in. Jet is used to remove energetic attachments, particularly those from other people, and it sloughs away negative energies. This makes it a particularly good choice for assisting in clearing. Jet is a stone kind to people in difficulty and fear and has a very calming effect. Jet also eases anxiety and depression, calming anxious or fearful thinking.

Most jet is imitation, as it is becoming a rare stone. I was showed a trick from my Tata, that if you rub it on a piece of paper it should leave a black smudge if genuine.  This pendant is soft jet made with fresh water. Water is very important in the african traditions, and is of blessing of drinkable “sweet waters” such as of the river, slightly different than the hard jet with the removing bitterness of salt water.

Jet is related to saturn as it is black and related to earth, making this a grounding stone.

Peony is related to the moon, protects against magic, and spirits as well as positive aspects. It is an agent of exorcism, spiritual protection, stops misfortune, uncrosses and healing, and a success herb. The seed represents potential and has slightly different properties than flower or root.

These two planetary realms of the moon and saturn/earth are the closest to earth and what gives form and filters into manifestation, and therefore can protect against the earthbound, astral spirits and malevolent dead.

Stay safe and do your spiritual cleansings often!
Until next time,
Sancista Siete Encruzhiladas

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